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February 29 2016

D.B. Woodside talks about his new show 'Lucifer' and being on Buffy. "It was an honor to work for Joss Whedon and to work with that cast."

That's a nice interview. I hear Lucifer isn't a critical favorite, but I get a kick out of it.
I second his wish for a Buffy reunion. I would also like to know what Robin Wood is doing.
ActualSize, according to the IMDb, it's doing just fine. Somewhere around 8.5, which is pretty good. I should check it out. Do you know if watching from the beginning is recommended?
Jocelyn, I don't think there's anything so serialized that it would require going all the way back to get into it, but there are some funny bits and character progression that you would miss if you skipped the earlier episodes.

I'm unfamiliar with the comic source so I don't know if this is a faithful adaptation or not, but it is a fun spin on the police procedural genre.
I'd say watch from the beginning if you can, but it's not absolutely necessary.
I'm enjoying "Lucifer." I don't know anything about the comic it's based on, so I didn't go in with any expectations. Yeah, the "forced pairing of a suave/smarmy guy & no-nonsense female cop" thing has been done (Hello, Castle) but Lucifer has the supernatural angle, which sets it a bit apart.

And that angle isn't a crutch for plots - it's used sparingly.

So far there haven't been any overly predictable moments, which is a nice change.

Last night's episode featured a plot twist that is almost making me want to research the Bible, or at least the story of Lucifer.
As a fan of the original comic, I couldn't bear to watch this silliness. The similarities pretty much start and end with the name, leaving nothing else in common with the comic.

Sure, it would be hard to get the supernatural elements of the comics within any reasonable budgets, but it's still way off, both in tone and the plot. Yet another police procedural I'm happier without.

Disclaimer, this is after seeing 2 episodes, I just couldn't bear to watch it more.

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