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March 01 2016

Are you ready for the hardest Buffy The Vampire Slayer quiz ever? It's not really the hardest Buffy quiz ever. But it passes the time nicely.

Pfft. Too easy.
Everybody who comes here will ace this with their eyes closed and their hands and feet tied behind their backs.
15/15 Well that's 45 seconds I'm never getting back.
That was *far* too easy, full of really well known and important characters. You'd have to be a really casual viewer to have struggled at all I think. I have to take issue with the slur against Graham and also Parker as the worst person ever??! Didn't Warren bag that title?? :p
Very easy for anyone who really knows the show. A friend who's only seen it once got 13.
Walk in the park.

...In daylight, that is. (Some of Buffy's walks in parks could get pretty tough.)
Inaccurate title. I wish RL quizzes are this simple.
Darn. I missed one question - I forgot Graham's name, so I put Hunter. I should have realized that name was too on the nose.
15/15 - not that hard, but fun nonetheless.
14/15. I couldn't remember Graham, either.
15/15. Duh.

We should make up a truly difficult Buffy quiz sometime, just for fun. Something that's less a quiz, more a Ph.D.-level qualifying exam.

Graham was on Longmire! But that doesn't blow my mind nearly as much as Ben being Glory that guy from How to Get Away with Murder.
A Ph.D.-level qual on Buffy, you mean an oral critique of Slayage essays in front of a few mildly bored people? Been there, done that! ;)
15/15. This was fairly easy, but fun all the same. :-)

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