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October 17 2002 Once more With Feeling CD review : a good B+. "Whedon... [uses] song to divulge intimate emotions and psychological conflicts that, in a typical TV series, would either remain unspoken or, more likely, be presented through exaggerated, soap-operatic histrionics."

I agree with part of Jeff's personal comments at the bottom: that "unlike an instrumental score, it's not the type of recording that in the future one might play in the background simply to set a mood. Consequently, I think that, despite the quality of the songwriting, in the end this CD may spend more time sitting on the shelf than spinning on a stereo."

While I myself will continue to listen to OMWF, I sure wish I could play the great musical score without the lyrics.

Now that the soundtrack's been released, there's nothing to stop this CD being nominated for a Grammy award.
The reviewer additionally says, "I question how well it will stand the passage of time. The music provides a snapshot of the series at a specific instant, with the lyrics disclosing secrets about individuals who, by necessity, will mature and change."

I often wonder what a BtVS musical would be like during a different point of the series or if done in a more universal and resonant way, using the larger themes of BtVS.

Also, when is there going to be a AtS musical?
oh i dunno. Some of the songs are time sensitive, like Giles' sentiments as a Watcher about leaving Buffy, but I think tunes like "Rest In Peace" or Buffy's "Walk Into The Fire" could be used in a more generic plotline that could be presented on stage. Could you imagine "Buffy Goes Broadway"? That'd be fun. I mean if Billy Joel can convert his life's work into a broadway show, surely Whedon could too.

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