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March 03 2016

Planned Parenthood challenge grant. Joss Whedon has issued a second Planned Parenthood Challenge Grant. He will donate $80,000, if 500 new people will donate any amount. Deadline is midnight tonight.

I'm not seeing this on the site?

No wait I did if I tweaked the URL.
Looks like they hit the first milestone and are going for double. I love Joss even more than I thought was possible for supporting this vital organization.
I lost all trust and respect for this organization when they made a seven-figure ad-buy for Hillary Clinton in the primaries. The goal is noble, the organization not so much.
May I humbly suggest with love and respect to everyone that we not post these types of posts on here. Given that Planned Parenthood is a sensitive and controversial issue for many and their issues in the news most recently. There are other sites for donations and solicitations. Just something to think about. Thank you.
The site is called Whedonesque, so campaigns he's involved in are probably fair game.
Yes we've covered stuff like this before* and will no doubt do so in the future. Happens every four years. As long as no one lays into each other we'll be fine. And if they do they're for the high jump.

*It's the reason why Joss posted here in the first place oh so many years ago.
fair enough. Thank you for being respectful and understanding.
@Simon - I'm not seeing this on the site?

Sorry about that, I was trying to edit the original url on my phone,
It was specific to me and let someone just hit the button to donate
from my linked account. Up to $5,000 monthly.

I love helping the helpless, but I have to keep something to pay
for Sea Breezes and Barry Manilow 8 Tracks.
Thanks for posting this. I just made a donation in honor of Joss, Hillary and the young woman in my apt complex who works at PP. I think it's sad that she has to go through training in case someone attacks the building and staff.
I don't see what's controversial about the betterment of society and the availability of help (mostly for women, in this case). Facts are facts -- crime rates and other social problems go way down with the availability of means for not having to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. Not that every unwanted pregnancy would result in a new criminal, but it's just statistically more likely when those in difficult situations are forced know the rest.

An organization like this supporting Hilary Clinton is no surprise (wish Bernie Sanders had more of a shot, but he doesn't, so it makes sense to throw your weight behind the obvious Democrat candidate), given the majority of the Republican party's medieval, backward attitudes on reproductive rights (notice I didn't attack Republican voters, given that views vary and many are supportive of the right to choose and the health and safety of others).

Joss frequently speaks up about and furthers social causes like this one, so how could this subject not be fair game, long as we keep it civil ?

Planned Parenthood is not a perfect organization, but it's better than not having it. When funding is cut and laws in some states (actually, we're having similar problems in some of the Maritime provinces/east coast in Canada as well at the moment, so this is a North American problem, not just one in the USA, and obviously there are many more countries around the world that're even worse off on this front) make it so that there is only one clinic in a state or *none, we have a problem.

*none; forcing a woman to travel great distances to get an abortion...many of whom don't have a vehicle/can't drive and may not have the financial means to get there or anyone supportive among their family & friends to drive them to the the procedure is stupid-expensive in the basically the whole f'd up situation condemns them to carrying to term and you end up with either a cash-strapped single mother (yes, kudos to those poorer single moms who made it work, but I'm talking about those women who don't want kids, or at least not at this time in their lives) or another potentially unwanted child in the orphanage and foster care system.

[ edited by Kris on 2016-03-04 07:19 ]
I didn't mean to be controversial. I actually think it's important to talk about things openly.

To clarify my comment (and also reply to Kris):

I am all for the Planned Parenthood cause. However, I don't think it makes sense for the organization to support Hillary Clinton in the primaries. And lets put aside for a moment the money in politics issue.

Planned Parenthood spent a lot of money buying ads for Hillary Clinton *right now*. If they'd spend that money in the main election against a Republican who wanted to defund and abolish Planed Parenthood, I'd understand. They'd be trying to preserve the future of the organization.

But that's not what they did. They spent a ridiculous amount of money supporting Hillary Clinton against a candidate, Bernie Sanders, that fully supports Planned Parenthood. That is misusing the funds of the organization for your own political gain. That is downright corrupt. That is giving ammo to people who don't agree with what I think is a very important cause. That money should not have been spent that way and everyone who contributes to the organization should be mad.

Having said that, I commend Joss for supporting this cause and hope the organization handles the money better in the future.
PP has a separate, non-tax-deductible political action fund.
TwelveDozen beat me to it. Btw, many large nonprofits have separate, non-tax-deductible political action committees to lobby politicians and fund campaigns. (The American Cancer Society has one, for example.) This is legal and easily found on the Internet.

The PP Action Fund explains its decision online, listing initiatives that Hillary has taken for reproductive rights and women's health. While Bernie has voted for this legislation, the fund says, initiating it is more important.

Your comment also illustrates why some of us are wary of Bernie. Of course you hurt PP by suggesting it is corrupt for endorsing Hillary. Similarly, other Bernie supporters are attacking Elizabeth Warren for not endorsing him. Democrats should debate policy. But suggesting other Democrats and liberal institutions are corrupt without concrete evidence of wrongdoing only helps the Republicans.
Was going to buy myself a Bucky Bear today. Think I found something better to do with my money.
@Ricardo L, I agree completely in being very disappointed in how Planned Parenthood is wasting their political money in the fight between two candidates who essentially have them at #5 and #10 respectively on their "Let's help them" list. Instead of saving their money to spend against the hate group that has them at #1 on their "Let's kill them" list. Inexplicably stupid.
I really would prefer to not see this devolve into an argument. I appreciate that political tensions are running high in the US right now, but if you are not respectful during discussion here, we will step in.
that was my concern
Leave the moderation to the admins, please.
My apologies, that was not my intention.
Bernie is my first choice, but I think Hillary would also be amazing. As such, it was a bit disappointing when Planned Parenthood endorsed Hillary so early. I understand their reasoning for their choice of candidate, but at the same time, similar reasoning would have applied to Barack Obama vs. Hillary in 2008, yet they did not choose to endorse until the primary was basically decided. So that leads me to be a bit confused regarding the choice to go early now vs 2008. I still support Planned Parenthood, it's just a bit disappointing to have one of your favorite organizations come out and support your favorite candidate's opponent in the primaries early enough to hurt your favorite candidate's chances.

Wth regards to Elizabeth Warren, do I think it would it have been awesome if she had endorsed Bernie? Yes. But I get that she likely has places she feels her political capital is more wisely spent, and she's even spending some political capital by not endorsing Hillary at this point. I would love to see her as VP to either candidate, and hope she runs for president at the next opportunity. She was actually my top pick this election, she just didn't choose to run this time.

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