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March 03 2016

Joss Whedon reunites with John Cassaday for "Captain America" Anniversary Issue. Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 also includes contributions from Greg Rucka and Tim Sale, and goes on sale March 30th.

Wonder Woman unlike Batman or Superman does not have any iconic stories told about the character. I hope DC hires Joss to write Wonder Woman for a while.
Awesome! I miss the Joss/John combo. I'd love it if Laura Martin was involved too.
Still scared for Bucky. I mean... just sayin'. ;)

(Actually, I have zero idea where Bucky even is in the comics at the moment. I don't read them.)
Bit disappointed by this, really.

If Joss now has the time to write comics again, that's wonderful, but you'd think the Buffy comic might be his first port of call. God knows it could do with his input. It doesn't feel like his stories or his characters at all anymore.
ripper, I appreciate what you're saying. We've all felt something along those lines at times. However, I'd like to respectfully offer this counterpoint.

Just put in Joss' name instead of George R.R. Martin's.

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