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March 03 2016

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets early Season Four pickup. The agents will be back through 2017.

22 episodes?
Oh Sweet Merciful Crap Thank God.
It doesn't say, but I would assume it would mention if it was a reduced season.

This is excellent news. If they've already got 88 episodes, then the network would be silly for not keeping them on for season 5, for syndication (which, admittedly, isn't as important in our Netflix-laden world, but still a consideration). And now we can relax until upfronts 2018! Hooray indeed.
@RoguePirateBunny, they only need around 88 episodes for syndication. Season 4 was the sure bet.
Well this is delightful news!

I was just watching SHIELD today (still catching up on it in UK time) when it struck me how happy I was to be watching a new Whedony show with the luxury of multiple seasons. I wonder if Joss will write an episode or two next year!
Cool. They've gone on a renewal blitz at ABC today.

*Lights candle for Agent Carter*
Great news to hear.
This earlier (than the last 2 seasons) announcement would seemingly be one of the things that the new Head of ABC hath wrought. Good for her !
@Ricardo L., Oh, I guess that's now the threshold? It was 100 for years.

(I guess this means I'm getting old. Boo.)
@Rogue, It's always been my understanding that it's more or less always been 88 for actual syndication, but networks have always shot for 100 as the "sweet spot." It's the better more attractive sell but its not a requirement.
Woo !

(absolutely no surprise that this happened, but damn good to see it confirmed -- and early!)

There's so much more I still want them to explore, and loose ends from Season 1 that I want picked up on too.
I wonder how much of this has to do with any potential tie-ins with the movies, or are they pretty much done with that?

(Admittedly I'm not keeping up with the movies - the Avengers were the only ones I went to see in the theater, and the only ones I bought as soon as they came out on DVD. I do have the first Iron Man, I've seen the first Thor & both Caps, but...nothing I want to rewatch/own.)

Either way, this is awesome good news. More Phil is always a good thing. Even if he goes dark and evil at the end of this season. Ooh! Redemption arc!??
So no picnicking?
The picnic is just postponed until this time next year.

But yeah, this was pretty much a foregone conclusion. When a series has three full seasons in the bag and is owned or partly owned by the network, it will always get a renewal for purposes of daily-strip syndication. 100 episodes is the ideal, 88 is usually considered the minimum, though some shows with less than 88 have gone into daily syndication (e.g. Star Trek TOS).

It's nice to have early confirmation, though.
@Rogue, from what I've read in ratings sites, it was 100 a few years ago, now it's 88. However, with Neflix, streaming and everything else, it's changing. The CW, for example, doesn't seem to need that many.
@Rougue and @Ricardo-This actually goes into detail for the syndication thing, another ABC show, OUAT just hit 100 episodes.
Slightly off topic: does anyone know when season TWO will finally become available via Netflix? I only get DVDs, I don't stream, which might be the problem. I'm sure you all can feel my pain!
@Jocelyn Season 2 is already on Netflix, at least in the US.
Seems weird that Netflix doesn't have the DVDs, Jocelyn, unless they don't plan to ever have them. I don't blame them for not carrying physical DVDs since the expense of that compared to streaming is ridiculous unless there is A LOT of demand. It was released on DVD last September and they have all the eps to stream. I can't double check the DVDs there because I only have streaming from Netflix.
The DVDs are an Amazon exclusive retail wise .
Not entirely surprising, but still great news.
Fred-Sonja, are you talking DVDs or streaming? All I can do is "save" the DVDs to my list, but S2 continues to show up with an "unknown" release date. Which would seem to indicate that they will have it in the future, I guess. I did get S1 on DVD via Netflix.

Same problem with Agent Carter, and Jessica Jones - and you would think, wouldn't you, that I would be able to get JJ on disk, like, now?

I really wish I could subscribe to the streaming service, but our bandwidth just isn't good enough to make it worthwhile. Grr.

Simon, it's nice to know that they're available via Amazon, but I'm not in a position to buy stuff right now, and truth be told, there are other things higher on my list of stuff to buy right now. Like the Whedon bio.

Anyway, thanks, all.
It's likely that shows produced directly for streaming like JJ will never be released on DVD or at least not for many years. It isn't in netflix best interest to put out a low margin product that competes with their core business. I hope better broadband comes to your area soon, Jocelyn.
Oh. That's depressing. But thanks ... clearly I don't understand how this biz works at all.

Also, as I understand it, our problem with broadband is geographic, and it isn't going to get fixed. Weird. you'd think, or at least I would, that living in a major (yet small) city in the USA, this wouldn't be a problem. And yet .... Anyway, someday we might actually get cable, which I gather would solve many problems.
Good news on the renewal. The show, even though it's gone in its own direction, may still cross paths with the numerous movies on deck. I can't imagine the issues in Civil War won't affect them.

Here's hoping Agent Carter will be renewed. Hayley Atwell has mentioned never know. Got my flamingo ready to send to ABC. 😉
Great news. I think I would miss this show.
RE: Agent Carter, take this for what it's worth.

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