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March 05 2016

The Angel theme song that never was. Erika Amato, lead singer of Velvet Chain, has shared her band's Angel theme song with Slayer Revival. Darling Violetta did the song for the show in the end but it's worth listening to the Velvet Chain version to hear what might have been.

I like it. Just not as a theme song. It lacks a lead melody and just sort of drones on with no direction. Feels more like background music for an Angel video game or something.
I agree. It's not bad as a background tune but not strong as a theme song, especially for Angel.

But I'd be interested to see it cut down and experience it the right way.

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I get what they were going for, and it's probably unfair to view it with credits that were designed for Darling Violetta's take... Nonethless the right theme won the day I'd say.

But it ain't half bad as an alternative..
Reminds me of a song they used in Lonely Hearts, that sort of nocturnal pulse, the wilderness of a prowling LA night. Angel's theme was obviously much more fitting to the Angel character, which is the important thing: the elegiac morphing into action.

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