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March 05 2016

Buffy Season 11 offically announced to start in October. Buffy # 30, the conclusion of Season 10, is out in August so a very short break.

Is this actually the first confirmation we've had that there'll be a Season 11?

Hopefully we get some news from Dark Horse soon about the creators attached to it and whether Angel and Faith will be continuing.
A few weeks ago a photo of the season 11 summit was released.
I hope there's more than one book! I need my fix!!
But still no Season 2 of Firefly. sigh.
I'm almost finished reading season 9!
I have a feeling Angel and Faith won't continue.
Mega team book on the horizon?
What about Angel and Faith? It's actually my favorite book of the two.

(Even though I'd rather Gage write it than Buffy. He seemed to handle Angel and Faith better than the Scoobs.)
Sadly, both comic shops near me have stopped selling both Buffy and Angel. I have to order them online now. Because of shipping costs, I'm paying nearly double, making it unlikely I'll be continuing on with season 11.
@Out of Objects Why not read them digitally? Easier to access.
Not sure I'm going to continue after this season, either. Don't care much for the artwork or the writing any longer, and as for the characters... well, there are two fan factions that caused me to lose interest in taking an active part in the fandom some time ago, and both of them have been increasingly catered to, so I'm probably going to call it quits when Season 10 wraps up.
I'm on board as long as Joss is... but I would really like to see him take a more active hand in it, now that his Marvel commitments are off the table. Having him write an arc or two now and then would be nice.
I'm with you AndrewCrossett, whilst it is canon with Joss' name to it, I'll probably follow it.

The directions Joss chooses to take the story/characters not matching what at least some sizeable portion of fandom wants is slim I think. When it is something that one portion wants and yet another very large portion of fans actively wished against, I just don't think it can be seen as fan wishes being catered to personally. Accepting some fan reactions may be negatively heightened to the extent that they may walk, whilst also understanding others may be happy about it, seems to me to just be Joss heading where he wants regardless of fandom to me.

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