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March 06 2016

'Serenity' gets watched in space. Astronaut Tim Kopra tweeted that he watched the movie abroad the International Space Station.

Nine years ago, the Firefly DVDs were delivered to the space station.

That is awesome!
I'm just imagining watching that majestic / hilarious opening shot, then pivoting one's head to be in the setting where such a thing would take place. Ha!
In case you didn't go read the linked w'esque thread from 2007, this was Joss' reaction.

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So cool!

b!X, thanks for the link! I don't think I'd seen Joss' reaction before. Very cute!
Be sure to read the twitter comments. Some are very cute.
This is great!!! Love it! I hope the zinnias are holding up without Scott and his Russian friends.

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