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March 08 2016

Summer Glau guested on last night's "Castle". Link is to the episode's promotional video on YouTube; Summer appears in one small bit of it (in a killer LBD). Her role is as a competing private investigator working the same crime. I'm not sure of episode availability on streaming services except for Hulu+ subscribers.

It was a fairly decent episode. Lacking Firefly reference, though, unless Castle's "I know you!" line later was a sly nod.

So, we've had: Adam Baldwin (twice), Summer, a "space cowboy" costume, Mandarin picked up from "a TV show I used to love," and blue gloves. And doesn't Rick have a part from the ship on one of his shelves? And...I think I remember Adam's character eating an apple with a knife.

Marc Blucas was a guest, and the above-mentioned Halloween episode had a reference to Buffy.
Gina Torres was a guest as well.
Sigh. I stopped watching after the godawful first few episodes of the season, and as soon as I did it apparently started getting good again.
I'm still holding out hope that Ron Glass will be on, but he'll reprise his Barney Miller character that has a slight rivalry type thing going on with Castle since both right police procedural murder mysteries. It'd be fun!
Lacking Firefly reference[...]

Apart from that particularly stylish brown leather coat at the end...

Pretty sure her cop outfit was a reference as well.

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I, along with NYPinTA, am hoping that Ron Glass will be a guest star on an ep, for a combination FIREFLY/BARNEY MILLER reference - Beckett is captain of the 12th precinct as was Barney.
Did anyone else get a serious Mal vibe from Nathan's performance during the video playback?

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