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March 08 2016

New album from Jed Whedon and the Willing. The new album, "Like Snow", apparently dropped on March 1. The main link is to Amazon, and it is also available from Google Play, Bandcamp and Spotify.

It's on Google Play (streaming and purchase). Thank you, I didn't know about this and love the last record.
I found it on Bandcamp and Spotify, and I added the Google Play link as well. It doesn't seem to be on iTunes? If someone finds a link for that, please share.

I'm happy he has another album out. This one sounds really good so far.
Thanks for the Google PLay link, been the best option for me to buy digital albums. Excited to check this out.
Thank you for alerting us to this. This is the best surprise March could have given me!
Yeah, thanks b!X! I absolutely adored the last album. Been waiting for a new one ever since.

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Help, I cannot stop listening to Innocent. Been on repeat for days.

This is brilliant.

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