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March 08 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x10 "Bouncing Back". Welcome back! This episode was written by Monica Owusu-Breen and directed by Ron Underwood.

Hello! Gotta mute the Young Turks. Time to play!
Guys! I've missed you. And let me just say right now, if ABC breaks in with primary results I'm going to be very grumpy.... Did anyone else watch / enjoy Agent Carter?
Ugh, I forgot about the election crap. That scream of outrage will be me, if it happens.
javelina, there is an entire discussion thread on this board about Agent Carter. See the list of links on the right side of the main page. But the "executive summary" is: Yes!

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You know I watched Agent Carter, javelina! Rumors are that it will be back for Season 3.
This is brutal recap. Death death worse than death.
And we're back....
So I didn't need to miss everyone after all? Whoops!

Here we go!
Hey eerbodyyy!
who was that fast lady?
We missed you, javelina.
Where does SHIELD get it's funding?
that guy with a beard looks like ward. I got confused for a sec.
@Squishy, he does. And I was too for a second.

I think the President basically gave Coulson a go to take Malick out.
Squishy, I've had the same "he looks like Ward" problem all season!
Ha. I love the look Mac is giving those two. (Me, I'd hope for teleportation.)

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2016-03-09 03:11 ]
i guess after killing quicksilver, whedons needed another speedster. :)
A spaceship blows up in 3 months? Wut?

I'm with Hunter on this.

Poor President, powers, aliens and the media.
is beard-ward the metal melting guy?
@Squishy Yes.
PS, I missed you all
Aw Fitz. It wasn't Will. :(
Her name in the comics is Slingshot.
But YoYo makes more sense.
Yo-Yo Rodriguez, aka Slingshot.

But yeah, she's more of a yo-yo than a slingshot.

[ edited by AndrewCrossett on 2016-03-09 03:21 ]
Ping Pong Girl?

"Ward" needs Pig's Blood like Chipped Spike?
Ward is way less pretty now.
Ward looks dead.
Thank God Zombie Ward didn't say "closure".
JDL, totes! Hunger way better than closure.
I think I forgot like half the plotilines on this show.
Hunter is reading about futurism?
Estoy con SHIELD también!!
Ewww! Ward is the anti-vegan.
Baron von Strucker's son kinda reminds me of Donal Trump's son.
No! Poor whatever the guy's name is!
Uh oh! A Medusa power?
How many different threads of story do we have going right now? Geez ...

Signals still glitchy re: Lincoln.
Gorgon gets people stoned.
IIRC Slingshot was called Yo-Yo Rodriguez when a proper name was called for.
Squishy, lol.
I know right? Plotline overload.
is the dead guy slingshot's brother or husband?
That was a lot of spanish words just to say "I'm in."
@Squishy, he was her cousin.
Oh, she's on the team!
Does the Ward look alike have a powered name?
'For goats, press 4...'
I dunno. Let's give him a name! Mush-metal!
Ah, Phil always so direct.
Hey, Bobbi and I think alike!
I'm loving Elena (it's Elena, right?). Can we please keep her alive? Please, show?
I wonder if the Elena actress only speaks Spanish in real life.
Joey is a new character so no nickname as yet.
The Incredible Melting Man!
Aw, Mac has a crush!
It's Elena. She's cool. She better not die.

I was thinking Joey's name could be Squishy.
Fitz-Simmons, heart of this show....
haha, loooove that!
I like Lincoln.
inhuman make-out sesh!

[ edited by Squishy on 2016-03-09 03:54 ]
Yes! Squishy! Nebula1400 nails it.
So we still got Mark Dacascos, don't even remember what his character is called, in the show...
@NumfarPTB He's The Chairman! Oh wait. That's Iron Chef USA.
Holy crap, Daredevil, preview!!!

Did you guys see that?

[ edited by Squishy on 2016-03-09 03:58 ]
I guess it time for him to go back to his regular job.
Nice. Curious about how this Doug Petrie lead season of Daredevil will differ from the one with DeKnight running things.
Yeah. Daredevil, a week from Friday.
I liked the you joined the cavalry line.
Bwahahaha HA!

"He respects you."
"Now I know you're lying."
Wonder how this teaming-up with Talbot, might tie-into Civil War.
@JDL that cavalry line hurt, I gotta say. But it was a good one.
Talbot - doesn't he cause all sorts of problems for them in the comics?
Really liked tonight's episode.Hive Ward is just creepy.
Of Kings and Prophets dude looks like a tall Tyrion Lannister.
Fitzsimmons was cute.

Canada didn't get any Daredevil but we got a peek at next week. Medusa isn't done and Lincoln may have an issue...

NYPinta-"Ward" does have a comic ID, search up Brett Dalton's interview with TVLine.
I wonder if the primaries hurt the ratings tonight.
Yes, I saw it, Squishy! Plus javelina_kid has already made me watch two trailers ... I'mma be watching a lot of Daredevil very soon.

As for this episode, I need some time to process it! LOVED the "cavalry" line, JDL.

[ edited by javelina on 2016-03-09 04:06 ]
@Dusk, I meant the guy Joey who looks like Ward. Sorry. I realize now that my comment is confusing since Ward isn't really Ward anymore either.
I'm so freakin' psyched for more DD!!! And 'lectra!! and the Big Pun!
Tallbot is more of a Hulk hunter in the comics, genuinely tries to protect people/his troops.

OK, cool NYPinTA.
I also like the distributed Inhumans model. It makes team members dropping in and out each week more logical.
This episode didn't wow me, but I didn't dislike it, either. There's a lot of setup in it so it's not a standout episode, but it has it's share of good moments. I do want to know what that opening scene was about.
Also sort of lets them keep Yo-Yo alive but not in the regular cast because of the language barrier.
The other thing is it establishes that many Inhumans will be like comic book superheroes, and use their powers to protect and save people in their cities/communities.
Heck, Nebula, I'm trying to REMEMBER the opening scene! This episode went everywhere.
javelina-3 months from now...a spaceship with someone from SHIELD blow up.
One thing that seems clear is that SHIELD has no idea that Zombie Ward made it out of Maveth.
We saw Elena's necklace in the spaceship. :(
Yeah. The whole spaceship scene. I'm going to have to rewatch this to see how all the little details might relate to that opening scene.
Of Kings and Prophets dude looks like a tall Tyrion Lannister.

I know! Every time that commercial came on I thought it was for Game of Thrones. And then I realized that Game of Thrones doesn't get advertised on ABC.

I forgot all about that opening spaceship scene. Wonder what that was about. Doesn't look good for Yo-Yo.

[ edited by AndrewCrossett on 2016-03-09 04:28 ]
Thank you, Dusk. And dammit, Sunfire. Whahhh.
Maybe Yo-yo will be the hero of the season.
It's weird, despite the actual quality level I usually rather like this show. This however felt unusually bland. Nothing really clicked - be it on an emotional level or regarding the progress of the plot. I didn't hate that little moment between Fitz and Simmons - but that's more because I like them in general, and less because of it truly being a highlight.
Hopefully this doesn't carry on, because the episode itself didn't seem all that different from others. Apparently my viewpoint has changed towards being more critical. I don't like it, because I want to enjoy this show. Even if it's not exactly award-winning material.
I'd really prefer if there wasn't such a large break in the middle of the season - it's hard to remember plot points when you don't see the show for three months.
"3 months from now" scene. Maybe thinking its Elena is a trick - because of the necklace.

I have a strange and worried feeling that it's actually Mack. (I've been mentally saying goodbye to Mack since we met him)

Either they started dating and she gave it to him or it's his - since we found out he's religious like her.

Either way, I'm dreading finding out.
I think they'd be very hesitant to kill off both black cast members the show has had. I hate to use meta thinking like that to predict plot points, but there it is.

I'm just wondering what that spacecraft is. As far as I know, Earth's spacefaring technology in the MCU is not much further along than it is in the real world. The control panel of a space shuttle is vastly more complicated than the one we saw. So I wonder what it is.
AndrewCrossett Perhaps, since they kept stressing "alien invasion" all night, it's an alien ship? We didn't get a good look at the instrument panel to see if there was anything "English" about it (numbers, letters).

There were blood droplets drifting, so it's clearly where there is no gravity. But maybe it's the Vomit Comet?
Yeah - not my favorite episode, in fact in a lot of ways it reminded me of some of the Season 1 malaise. After an often rollicking late Season One / early Season Two we seem to be a bit adrift, I think really since the whole Inhuman Yoga / Latte Complex started. I haven't found any of them to be particularly interesting. I'm also afraid HiveWard is not the omnipotent power of eternity, but just another vaguely scary, not particularly impressive Big Kinda Bad

I'm pleased we're getting another season but (IMHO) the show is in need on a serious configuration change - there are enough pieces, not sure they're being used properly
"3 months from now" scene. Maybe thinking its Elena is a trick - because of the necklace.

I have a strange and worried feeling that it's actually Mack. (I've been mentally saying goodbye to Mack since we met him)

Either they started dating and she gave it to him or it's his - since we found out he's religious like her.

Either way, I'm dreading finding out.


Exactly where my head went. :/
I wouldn't get too worried about the direction of the show right now. The first few episodes after the break last year were also rather unremarkable. Then it got really good again. Seeing that they have a plan for a story arc that is intended to culminate three months from now, I'm sure there will be some episodes that are out of this world.
I didn't realize at first that the eyezapping guy was Inhuman. I thought he had an evil version of Google Glass that had night-night gun properties.
I didn't realize the space ship blew up. I thought it was more burned up on re-entry. I also thought they did a fabulous job on HiveWard's makeup.
I really liked Elena & hearing all the Spanish. Spent the whole episode saying, "Please don't kill her!"

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