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March 09 2016

(SPOILER) Don't expect any mention of Inhumans in 'Captain America: Civil War'. It's not so connected after all. :(.

Bad link.

Try Don’t expect any mention of Inhumans in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

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Between the ACTU capturing Inhumans and Lash killing them, at least it sort of makes sense why they wouldn't really be players in the films just yet. There is one connecting element between the films and TV, however: American President Matthew Ellis (seen in Iron Man 3 and AoS- mentioned in Winter Soldier).
You know, I wouldn't think so considering all the other stuff they'll be juggling.
Honestly never expected them to be - the Marvel movie group will most certainly use the "Royal Family" version of the Inhumans, and given that movie is several years out there's no way AOS could be expected to maintain this plotline - never mind be the vanguard of how they're depicted. Honestly at this point I kinda wish they hadn't of bothered
The sense I am getting from some of the blogs I read is that they assumed much of the impetus for the SRA is the emerging gifteds.
The article makes it clear that the writers were honed in on a major collateral damage problem but the complainers I read can
not accept the flood of gifteds not being relevant.

Also please note that the writers of CW were interviewed sometime very shortly after the S2 finale so the situation could have changed.

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I feel like they have plenty of super people already for now.
While President Ellis did say in the last AOS episode that "Fox won't stop talking about it" [outbreak of powered people] it's hard to know how much that means, considering he can easily just be handed a memo that catalogs every mention even if it's only a few times a day. So even if Fox is 99% talking about other stuff the amount they talk about the powers outbreak could still be too much for him.

Other than that one line, what we've seen is that powered people are being picked up by Shield or Hydra (or worse, killed) very quickly once sighted. Nothing has happened in AOS or the other TV series as major as the stuff the Avengers have been involved in. I can still believe it's below the fold stuff in in-world news about super powered people.

I don't really understand some fans need to look the gift horse of the MCU in the mouth. Every one of these shows and movies is a first class effort. Not every moment is perfect, but there sure is not as much pointless filler as there is in the source material. I've read a lot of comics.
Fans write their own headcanon. I'm totally for this, I do it myself. The problem is that some fans expect the movies and TV shows to read the fans' minds and adhere to those headcanon stories.

It's happening with the DC TV shows now, too. Flash and Arrow are on the same world, but that's a world where there were no public superpowered people before the Flash. When Supergirl launched it quickly established that Superman and his superpowered villains had been around for many years. Obviously, Supergirl is on a different world. However, as soon as a crossover was announced, some people started arguing that they should be on the same world even though that would disregard the histories of the shows.

Now the plot synopsis has come out, which confirms that Flash is visiting from a *different* dimension, and some fans just can't accept that. It makes total sense, it's consistent with many things that have been said in the two shows, but certain people still insist that it has to be the way they pictured it in their heads.

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