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March 10 2016

Amazon orders pilot for 'The Tick' reboot. Ben Edlund, who created the comic, the animated series and the previous live-action comedy, is back as writer and executive producer.

SPOON ! ! !
I was going to say, "Spoon!!!" I will fall back on mazel tov!
Both Tick series--cartoon and live action--are classics. The Tick's bombastic idiocy is the perfect response to the absurd super-powered city the characters live in, and the tension between Arthur's futile reasonableness and Tick's brainless enthusiasm never got old.

Warburton isn't coming back? Bummer. When they did the first live action series, I didn't think anybody could match the Adam West-ian brio that Townsend Coleman gave the Tick's cartoon voice; but Warburton gave it his own personal flair--and Liz Vassey and Nestor Carbonell were phenomenal in support.

Buffy-related casting suggestion: bring back Armin Shimmerman as The Terror, a 100 year-old supervillain who should have retired decades ago, but sticks around to teach the young whippersnappers how it's done.
Chairface Chippendale forever.

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