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March 10 2016

Joss Whedon takes on Captain America. An interview with Joss Whedon about returning to comics, writing Captain America, and working with John Cassaday again.

Joss Whedon writing a Jenny Sparks/Captain America would have been amazing.
Yay, new Joss interview!
@Simon said: "Joss Whedon writing a Jenny Sparks/Captain America would have been amazing. "

This Jenny Spark/Captain America cross over thing needs to happen RIGHT NOW! :)
The amount of typos is really irritating for an official interview on Marvel's site.
Just bad transcription habits in general, D-e-f-. Failing to punctuate the run-ons typical to normal human speech really makes these answers annoying to read.

But it's great to have new words from Joss, even if not well-relayed!
[Tony is] rich, hes obnoxious, and he thinks he can solve all the problems and will die if people stop paying attention to him.

And then it hit me.
@D-e-f-: Yeah, I found the transcription of the interview to be annoying. There were numerous words that were obviously supposed to be other words, so either the person misheard it and has no interpretive and editing/proofreading skills, or Joss suddenly became semi-illiterate.
Can't wait for this! In general I really like the MCU's take on Cap and Joss' in particular.

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