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March 11 2016

Anthony Stewart Head is in the cast of the "Robin of Sherwood: Knights of the Apocalypse" audioplay. "Robin of Sherwood" was a (IMHO) wonderful ITV series that ran 1984-1986. The late Richard Carpenter, who created the series, left behind an unproduced screenplay. The production company Spiteful Puppet has reassembled the entire cast (except for two actors who have passed away in the interim) to do the screenplay as an audioplay. Anthony Stewart Head plays a character new to the story.

"Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten."
Oh, how cool! We have that series on DVD. Really enjoyed it so it's nice to hear there's more to come.
Lovely news! Robin of Sherwood was a wonderful series. (Although I never quite got over how they changed Robins halfway through.)
If only we had Richard Carpenter to write the script, I feel confident that he could build a fantastically beautiful story that could feature both Robin of Loxley and Robert Huntingdon together, without missing a beat. King John, the Sheriff and Sir Guy wouldn't stand a chance. (Feel the Gisburne :-) )
Oh my! That's a wonderful thought. :)
Thank-you so much for jogging my memory -- I had nearly forgotten about this series, I have a child's recollection of it. I was born in '82, so I must've been watching reruns or perhaps the first Canadian airings of it. My dad watched it a lot (religiously, even?).

First things that come to mind when I have vague, fuzzy flashbacks of this show are all the incredible greenery and of course the stag-headed forest entity (a quick IMDb search tells me that he was the demi-god Herne The Hunter, an Anglicised take on the Celtic god of the wild/god of the hunt Cernunnos, with a splash of Norse god Odin thrown in). I remember black magic and satanic worship being in the mix as well.

I see that it's regarded by many as the best Robin Hood adaptation.

Need a re-watch some day (which for me will really be a proper go-through of the series). The blu-rays are atrociously expensive on, though -- $80 for two seasons ?!?

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I caught part of one episode, The King's Fool in 1984, guest starring the wonderful John Rhys-Davies as King Richard. I think it was the best performance of his that I have seen.

Unfortunately, it was during a Showtime free weekend. I had no idea what the name of the series was and didn't see another episode for almost five years. I was describing this amazing episode to a new friend I met years later. Her brother had a third or fourth generation VHS tape of the entire first two seasons, 12 episodes.

I was enthralled by the story they told, particularly the finale of season two, The Greatest Enemy. It would be another decade before I heard the words "Big Bad", but this is where I first saw it.

For anyone who loves Buffy, you will find many of same themes and memes in this series, with a deliciously British twist. From Robin's calling to a destiny that chose him, to his consuming love with Marion, to Will Scaflock's occasionally psychopathic turn to the dark side as the frightening Will Scarlet, to the utterly deadly and completely mysterious Nasir. (The reason why in all retellings of the Robin Hood legend for the past 30 years, Robin now must always have a Saracen companion. Never part of the original legend, but now people treat it as a 700 year old, carved in granite, requirement.)

For anyone who loves good television, highest recommendation.
The screenplay actually *is* by Richard Carpenter, though it's been adapted as an audio play by someone involved with the production. I think it's terrific that the whole cast came back - and I love that it's now got a link to the Whedonverse via ASH.

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