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March 13 2016

How Buffy the Vampire Slayer helps Gord Perks be a better politician. Apparently, "the city councillor rewatches the whole series nearly every year."

Joss got the idea for Firefly from Jewish resistance fighters in WWII? Has anyone heard that before?
I've seen this before but never tracked down the source. DVD commentary perhaps?
I thought I remembered it was inspired by a book about the Am. Revolutionary war. Could easily be wrong.
"The Killer Angels" is the book Joss has often cited (Civil War) as the inspiration for firefly. See this 2002 thread.
I think I read somewhere it was about the american Civil War...
I think the reference to the Jewish fighters is in the first Firefly Official Companion so I'll have a look later.
Reading this I got a this crazy urge to send BtVS box-sets to all leading candidates in the US election.

Buffy could save the world once more!
It's actually in Serenity: The Visual Companion in an interview with Joss.

"The next book I read after The Killer Angels was about Jewish partisan fighters who had fought in the Warsaw uprising [during WWII] and some of the things they tried to pull off after the war. And that's when I realised there was no piece of history that was not useful [to] the story I was going to tell."
Thanks for looking that up, Simon. I'd heard the Killer Angels part but never the Jewish resistance element. Nifty.
Wow. I love how much he loves the show. Now I want to go through the seasons with him and see what insights he has.
Hey! He's a local-ish guy for me! So awesome.
I really hope Joss reads this one. One of the most eloquent explanations of why BtVS is so relevant and so powerful.

Also hope all my Facebook friends who don't get what it is about that weird show I'm so into, also read for a better understanding of what it's about.

Thanks Simon for the cite about the Jewish resistance fighters. I had never heard that before. Being Jewish, that touches me on a personal level.

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I really liked his mention of the episode SELFLESS. It's a little-bit-of-everything ep, including an original song and many references to events in previous episodes.
Selfless brings me to tears every time. That musical part is the saddest thing ever.
I think I found the place in Canada I want to move to if the election in the US goes South (or small hands).
Careful Nebula, the winters here can get below -30 Celsius regularly with wind chill and the summers are so hot you really can fry eggs on the sidewalk.

You want somewhere a bit more mild try lower BC though the Vancouver market is horrible (a lot of Canadians are actually furious about it right now) so try Victoria I guess.
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is also a Buffy fan. He mentioned it on twitter. His favorite episode is OMWF.
What an interesting interview! Wish I could read the longer version.

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