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March 17 2016

Batman is most compatible with Buffy claims dating agency. No word on who Angel is compatible with.

I took the quiz and got Robin. Don't really see Buffy with Batman.
I got Buffy herself!

Buffy & Bruce both have determination and a strong sense of what's right and want to protect people.Though Bruce would probably take issue with Buffy willing to kill.
I took it twice (once for men and once for women, since weirdly there's no option for both). For men, I got Robin.

For women, I got Storm: "Storm is a natural leader with a nurturing side. She has a strong will (often depicted as resistant to mind control) and a strong moral compass. Your shared passion for travel and belief in the importance of strong friendships make you a great match."

I don't remember her being bi, but if she is then YES I will date Storm. Storm is amazing. :-D
Are the only choices Batman and Robin. Because I got Robin twice with completely different answers each time, with exception of which sex I'm interested in.
I got Captain America.

I did it again pretending I was Angel, and I got Catwoman. Hmm.
Got Captain America.
Captain America! I'm officially jealous.
Honestly, I never bought Batman falling for anyone. Stories where he had a thing for Talia Al Ghul or Selina Kyle always felt forced to me. Batman generally works best when portrayed as asexual or at least suppressing his id in favor of his obsession. Something Buffy in return would not likely be drawn to.
The Joker would never fall for Enchantress. He's very obviously not interested in anyone except Batman. Even his relationship with Harley Quinn is a cruel joke.
This seems pretty superficial.
In the old DC universe Batman definitely had a love interest with Kathy Kane, the original Batwoman.

My age may be showing in that I even know there was an original Batwoman.
I took it twice, same answers except for sex, as a male I got Superman and as a female I got Buffy. IRL I'm a female with a male husband but I'd still take Buffy in a heartbeat ;)
Batman had an eye for Selina Kyle (AND Catwoman) all the way back to her first appearance, and a connection ever since. The "Earth-Two" Batman even married her; their daughter was Helena Wayne, the Earth-Two Huntress.
Robin, hmmmm. I can see Batman and Buffy working out. They'd enjoy one another. And they would get to spar. And given that Buffy has super powers and Batman does not, she would win. I like it.

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Got Catwoman despite always telling people how much I hate her. Maybe opposites DO attract.
I got Jessica Jones! :D

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