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March 21 2016

Jed Whedon allowing free access to his Discography. Under a name your price model, funds go to the musicians. But Jed notes you can access the songs for free if you choose.

I know there's already a story on Whedonesque about the new album being available. But Jed's recent tweet highlighting that the entire backlog is accessible for free feels like a new piece of info.

Per his note: My music is now totally FREE. Listen, own, spread, enjoy. Including a new acoustic-ish EP "Like Snow"

Of course, given the quality of the music, providing some form of payment would be helpful for those who choose.

"Innocent" from Like Snow is worth all the monies in the universe. It's that good. Seriously.
It's a great album. "The Fire" and "Let Her Go" are my faves.

My fingers started tingling from the first verse. Writer's block loosening....

*goes back to listen some more*

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