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"I love you guys!"
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March 21 2016

Joss to sit down with Mark Ruffalo at Tribeca Film Festival. The two are scheduled to have a conversation-style panel on Monday, April 18th, part of a panel series that also includes conversations with JJ Abrams, Alfonso Cuaron, and Tina Fey.

Perfect, I've always liked the strong admiration they have for one and other. I really hope they collaborate on another project in the future.
Can this please end with an announcement that they're working on a thing together? Pretty please?
I can't believe I didn't see this. I swear I meant to look and I must have just totally skipped it. But I'll be in NYC that weekend so... *fingers crossed*
Tickets just went on sale today. Got mine.
I'm going to this! Flying in all the way from Seattle. Going by myself, so shout if you want to meet up :)

Also, tickets are here:

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