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March 23 2016

Buffy D&D character sheets. Geek and Sundry have done sheets for Buffy, Willow, Tara, Giles, and Xander.

Buffy chaotic? No chance- she's lawful all the way. There's a reason Faith says "You can't do that, because it's WRONG" when she's staring into the mirror trying to be Buffy in "Who Are You."
So I guess 5th edition D&D is what they're using? That system isn't nearly versatile enough to describe non-standard characters like the Scoobies. I'd stat them up in 3E instead.

Buffy may have some levels of Monk, but she'd have a Slayer template, which would give her boosts to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, and also a Fast Healing ability. Possibly also vampires as a favored enemy, Ranger style.

Willow I would peg as a Sorcerer rather than a Wizard, and definitely not a Necromancer. I'd give her an 18 Int, too.

Xander isn't a Bard... I'd give him several Commoner ranks and a high Charisma score. Maybe a level or two of Rogue.

ETA: I think Buffy is quite Chaotic... she's more than willing to flout the rules and authority figures for what she thinks is right. Chaotic goods have as high a respect for right and wrong as Lawfuls.

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Maybe it's worth noting that there are RPGs designed specifically to reproduce the Buffiness of Buffy, such as Monster of the Week.
And, hey, the Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG...

Still, it's fun to see other interpretations.

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Giles is definitely not a wizard.
Think about his outfit at the opening of
The Magic Box in Real Me.
Let that imagine burn into your brain for a second.
'nuff said.

(No Xander, you can't be blind too.)
Also, is it weird that Giles,Willow AND Xander has higher CONS than Buffy?

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