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March 23 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #25. Dawn is the Key to this issue.

Interesting to compare it to the end of season five, a similar problem with the main change being Dawn's say in the matter.
I thought this issue was very good. It was great to see how mature Dawn is about the situation, and also to see how protective Spike is of her. I always liked the Dawn/Spike relationship and how he is like a "Big Brother" to her. Good on Buffy for letting her make her own choice. Interesting twist at the end. I wonder how d'hoffryn created "New Anya"?
So i'm thinking D'Hoffryn will end up being a last minute big bad of the season!
Just to let everyone know,I did get Buffy # 25 late last week but I've been sick the last few days and just haven't felt up to posting my thoughts.I did like the issue although there was a predictable quality to it.
Wait, this wasn't the season finale? And I have my theories as to who this "Fauxnya" ghost actually is....
As for D'Hoffryn, I was *never* comfy with his being a quasi-ally, so this is welcome. (Honestly, I have never been comfortable with t hat whole Council of Gods/Council of Mages etc. thing of good, evil, a nd what-have-you powers meeting as a group to s et overall rules. Just a trope I dislike.)
Of course, if the real Anya has achieved a paradise like Buffy's (I won't say Tara because she's mor e likely an active Ayla-type spirit than at rest,) how does that square with Angel S-5 where he assured Spike that both of them will never achieve redemption? Think it's time to send an LoC!

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