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March 23 2016

10 vital storytelling lessons I learned from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A list by Charlie Jane Anders, author and io9 editor.

This is a good list.
I feel compelled to note some of these down!

Her novel All the Birds in the Sky has been on my list to read, and now after reading this it's just been bumped up a few places.
I really liked number 5.

"Don’t EVER tease a secret for months and then have it turn out to be prosaic or harmless. As a rule, people keep secrets because they’re too horrible to share, not because they’re pathologically secretive."

Yes. In the show "Arrow", Oliver doesn't tell his loved ones his secret identity because he's a violent vigilante and he knows they won't approve. In "Flash", the hero doesn't tell his love interest (and oldest friend) his secret because of some nonsense about protecting her. He told her *boyfriend* before he told her. That falls into the "pathologically secretive" category, and it felt completely fake.
This somewhat reads like a book report summary of Joss's commentary tracks. Good info, but it sounds more authoritative in his voice.

Also: "kibitz" and "kibbutz" are two very different things.
I like this list! Also, Anders' novel -- All the Birds in the Sky -- is one of my favorite things I've read so far this year. Highly recommended, if a weird/dark/twisty fantasy/sci-fi book is your cup of tea. :-) I had no idea she was a Buffy fan when I read it, so this makes her even cooler in my book.
Oh dear, another book to add to the pile! But just how dark is it?

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