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March 24 2016

Alyson Hannigan becomes the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. She turns 42 today.

As do I. Something Whedon related will be bought today.

Happy Birthday to a great talent!
Happy birthday Simon and Alyson!
May you have a happy day, full of whedony delights. ;p
Happy birthday, Alyson!

Happy birthday, Simon! What will you get for yourself?
Happy birthday, Alyson! What will we see you in next?

Happy birthday, Simon! What will you get for yourself?
Happy Birthday, Alyson and Simon!

You will share what you get, won't you, Simon?
I got The Evil Within and Arkham Knight for the Xbox One. Force Awakens on Blu-Ray, Third volume of The Wicked and The Divine (such a good series), Jupiter's Circle (Millar's best work in a while), Nextwave the complete collection (needs to be a MCU movie), Velvet volume 3 (best female lead in ages), Outcast volume 3 (slow burning horror), Hickman's Secret Wars (epic) , King's Finder's Keepers (I grew up reading his books) and Providence Act 1 (Moore isn't flavour of the month anymore but he's the first comic book writer I remember reading, I think I was 6). I tend to get Joss' stuff when it comes out.

Thanks for the wishes :).
Happy Birthday Allyson & Simon!
Happy belated birthday.
Happy birthday to Alyson and Simon!
Happy birthday Alyson and Simon!
Alyson Hannigan has always been the answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
RobinH, what you said!

Simon, sounds like you're going to be busy for quite some time! That's quite a haul.

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