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March 24 2016

The pros and cons of fictional colleges. Hmmm. What are the pros and cons of attending Buffy's alma mater?

Apparently one can pass without ever going to class. Of course, that was true of Sunnydale High as well.
Well, that may not been true before Sunnydale fell into a pit in the earth and made the whole thing moot. We do see Willow going to classes, presumably with the intention of graduating, and even Buffy attended classes up until her mother died, and then she followed suit.

For what's it's worth, one advantage of Barnett College, where Indiana Jones' taught is that it is actually Yale University, literally, where I both studied, and worked for over 20 years. I did not ever see Indiana Jones, despite being a graduate student in the anthropology/archaeology department, and that wouldn't have been simply because he never taught - grad students and faculty mingled regularly. Also space being what it is there, it is not in fact surprising that his office was a boiler room. He could consider himself lucky that his office at least had heat in the winter.

In all seriousness, the Barnett scenes really were filmed at Yale, and the 1 and 1/2 second montage of Indy riding his motorcycle through the town took place in downtown New Haven, which for weeks was converted into a 1950s false front street, complete with period cars parked along the town green. For weeks people would just go downtown and stroll up and down the street in the evening. It was great fun.
I always wondered what happened to Willow's degree. I guess she had bigger things to deal with and must have dropped out at some point.
Bluelark I always assumed she got her double bachelor's (Comp Sci & Chemistry with a minor in Comparative Lit,) awarded by the CS university system based on her academic standing in the classes that semester when UCSunD closed down. (As far as I'm concerned, she started her consulting firm Rougemont, Inc. many years ago now.)

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