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March 27 2016

Jewel Staite pops up in latest Legends of Tomorrow Trailer. Not sure of her role yet.

Let's hope they put her on the space ship, so she can beat Sam Rockwell. In my head, they are competing for most space travelers played.
Heyyy...Sam Rockwell can't be in the DC TV universe while also being [the criminally underused Iron Man villain] Justin Hammer in the MCU. Then again, Ryan Reynolds. Chris Evans. But neither of those double-superhero roles were going on at the same time and they were/are under different studio ownership !
From IMDb and Wikipedia:
Jewel Staite as Rachel Turner:
A tech genius and roboticist in the future.
She is descended from a long line of inventors.

Sam Rockwell can be criminally underused in multiple venues at once.
It is kind of the career niche that he has staked out for himself.
Cool, cool cool cool.

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