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March 28 2016

Twenty-three of Buffy Summers' most iconic lines. What are your choices?

That's a great chill-inducing ride down memory lane. Every time I see a bunch of quotes like that I want to rewatch the whole thing. Then I realize that's an endeavor that takes up weeks/months of real-time and I get sad.
I would have added the "I said no interruptions." sword-throwing bit.
I agree, it's wonderful to see those quotes and be reminded of how awesome Buffy is. Despite the times she doubted her role, and despite the pain of it, she was a woman who faced the worst the world had to offer, and knew she was the one who would save it. A lot. And usually with a quip on her lips. Joss gave us one of the great female characters of all time.
Fun read. Although I don't know if I would classify these as 23 of the most "Iconic lines". They are definitely 23 great moments though and kudos for those with the time to generate good stuff like this for us to read. Agreed D-e-f-, I tried to go back and watch a couple of years ago and got stuck at the beginning of season 5. Hard enough to keep up on current TV. Hoping I'll be able to drop a couple of shows soon and save time next year to go back and relive some old favorites.
@mustang5o: Ironically, early S5 is also where my most recent rewatch (stretching over a few years now, I think) ended.
"Way to go with the keen observiness, Jessica Fletcher." always makes me laugh.

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