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April 08 2004

Wonderfalls: Get Their Words Out. Scripts for "Karma Chameleon" & "Crime Dog" (Link deleted upon request -Simon)

"Crime Dog" is an episode that never aired.

If you want scripts go here.

It's got the shooting scripts for episodes 2 through 9, in pdf format.
"Crime Dog" is an episode that never aired.

Oh yeah, the next one. :( I was looking forward to it because it looked like it was going to have a lot of Jaye's brother in it, and he's the only character that they haven't done much with yet.
Thanks for that other link, Invisible Green. I've started reading the scripts. Are they going to get the last four eventually?

Tim Minear wasn't lying, an arc really did start in "Crime Dog"! I'm totally loving what I've read so far. This show better get on DVD!!!
By the way, although it's currently not ranked at, because of the fiasco earlier this week, the number of total votes places it in the top 50 overall, and the top 30 for unreleased shows.
Man, I'm so upset that I didn't get to actually see that show tonight. It would have been damn good! Man I hate the way this country is headed. FCC looking to censor everyone, networks only willing to back trashy reality programming... If I were a religious man I would thing the apocalypse was drawing nigh....
*sobs uncontrollaby*

BRILLIANT EPISODE! And we didn't even get to see it. Kill Fox! Kill Fox! Kill them now!
Damn. These are good stuff. Thanks for sharing. Stupid Fox.

And on an OT note, anyone knows where to find scripts for AtS? I'd love to read those too. *g*
ATS transcrpts:
I just read all the way through "Lying Pig". Where are the others? Am I gonna have to fly to LA and find Tim's house so I can break in and steal the scripts? Eps 5-9 are so... so... sniff! Everything I wanted to know more about has been brought up, plus there were plenty of unexpected turns. Damn you FOX!

Who should I write to in order to express my desire for a DVD set?
Deepest love to TM and/or whoever is responsible for getting these lovely things out and up so quickly. I'm missing the show acutely already; reading the lines while picturing everyone's expressions and inflections just isn't the same. *sniff*

Although, I'm still laughing. It's nice that even without the moving pictures, the funny (and the poignant) still comes shining through.

*cues up the theme again and resumes bopping (or bobbing) along*
electricspacegirl -- I'm actually looking for shooting scripts, but thanks anyways! =)
This site -- which I haven't been able to access for some mysterious reason for a long time -- carries/carried shooting scripts for both Angel and Buffy:

Can anyone access it or tell me what happened to it? It is/was a great resource.

As for the Wonderfalls scripts, I am too upset to comment. Loved Crime Dog.
Oh man, I started reading the others. Love it even moooooore, if that's possible.

They mentioned the Brass Monkey again in "Lovesick Ass".

Did anyone else know that you can BUY the Brass Monkey bookends at Barnes & Noble? I saw them there and just about had a fit.
"Wonderfalls" at

Voting Results

Unreleased Rank: 22nd
Overall Rank: 33rd
Season Set: 1322 (100%)
Best of: 311 (23%)
Individual Episodes: 353 (27%)
Total Number of Voters: 1326
How sad. These scripts are killer.
I've deleted the link upon request.
Are you the Cow of Pain? This line alone is worth any three episodes of The Swan. Fie on you, FOX Network. YOU are the Cow of Pain. Except for Simpsons, the local news, and Cubs baseball, I will avoid you like a leprous plague-mongering spit-heap. Bah.

Thanks for the script linkage, BTW. I am used to reading scripts from shows that involve Tim Minear, and then sighing and buying the DVD. Naked Mal! A talking cow creamer!
oh man...i read the last script for episode 9...its sooo sad! They seriouly took the show off after the amazing episodes... after episode 5 its keeps getting better and better.

Why are they shows on this site all about "They're meant to be together, but for some reason they just can't"... eric and jaye!

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