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March 29 2016

Amber Benson and Adam Busch co-star in web series "Self-Obsessed". The series is based on Sina Grace's autobiographical graphic novel of the same name. The main link goes to today's episode which Amber and Adam appear in. Episode one is found here (may be NSFW).

It's pretty funny - and I've read his "Self-Obsessed" graphic novel, too, and enjoyed it. Amber & Adam are also delightful in this episode, #2.

Another thing - the coffeehouse scenes were shot at our (our = my husband Armond & I and our business partner & friend David) Hollywood café, Javista, in a somewhat-lengthy-but-nonetheless-fun shoot. I made a composite of photos from the day.

Because of our location in Hollywood, we routinely get asked if we'll be a location, and we just as routinely say no, because it tends to be a huge pain without adequate renumeration... but when I saw the producer's email w/ Adam & Amber's names, there was some squealing & suchlike (mine) and the guys kindly gave in to my incessant begging & pleading.

It was trés fun. I'm background for a couple of seconds as Sina comes in the café. #MyBigBreak ; ]
That's cool QG!
Thanks, it really was quite fun, and we're so glad to help people & efforts we like - so many folks helped *us* start our café, it only seems fair.

I sat on this for months while they finished shooting & editing, and barely hinted at it, but it was burning a hole in my brain to keep it inside, you just don't know...
It looks like there's a glitch on this page only, or my browser is sooooo old I can't edit this for some reason - all I get is a completely empty edit box -but it bugged me that my link above doesn't work, so I'm trying to post one that does. I dunno why, but: completeism, I guess. #LastDitchEffort

Here it is: my composite from this shoot in our coffeehouse.

ETA: (Thus interrupting the completely solid bunch of Recent Comments for the Farewells.)

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