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March 29 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x14 "Watchdogs". This episode was written by Drew Z. Greenberg and directed by Jesse Bochco.

Looks like I'll have to miss the fun this evening, we have a medical emergency (not me) and I have to leave. Will catch you on the other side.
I almost forgot that SHIELD was on tonight! This week has been weird.
Pretty sure that Mack's brother doesn't believe him and might be on the Watch Dog's side.
Hope everything goes okay Nebula!

Hey, the Watch Dogs are led by the Smoke Monster!
Why is that guy always a villain? Just once, he needs to be cast as some adorable accountant or something.
He's also Harry Bosch.
Hey, y'all, just got on line. Am still grouchy about Bobbie and Hunter, but I love the Mack & Fitz team.

Am I supposed to remember the chief Watchdog?

Also, poor Jemma!
So.. how did that guy get from being behind on his mortgage to it all being the fault of Inhumans?
Do not like Fitz holding that gun.
Yeah. Fitz doesn't seem so happy either.
OK this Lincoln development might actually be good.

Daisy looked like Illyria in front of the Black Thorn's car in NFA.
Oh, I forgot about the little drone things!
Noooooo, do not DO NOT hurt Fitz!

PS Why is Daisy being kinda dumb?
Fitz in the field never goes well.

Good to see Lash isn't just forgotten.
I think Daisy is scared of getting fitted with a yellow star and is over-reacting.
I am only just now tuning in and Fitz seems to be in mortal peril and I don't like that at all.
I love it when Fitz is being brainy.
OK... now I'm not liking Coulson right now either.
Dammit. Now I do again. (Can't believe I fell for that.)
Aw, hope Mack doesn't lose someone else!
I'm worried about Mack's brother.
"I'm a mechanic. I hate this stuff." <3 Mack.
I'm loving Mack this episode, that's for sure. Poor Mack.
Shot gun axe?
Starting to like mini-Mack.
Well, if Daisy's walk on the wild side (consisting of being vaguely threatening and just busting a window or two) is over, then I'm OK with it. I can empathize with her over reaction, but she's usually smarter than she was earlier in this episode... glad she is back to her senses, (I hope).
Well the half I saw was Mack-tastic. Will have to catch the other half on Hulu tomorrow.
The shot gun ax!

Cool promo for next week.

Blake must think Malick is the good Security Council guy who wants the freaks gone.
Really liked tonight's episode.It was great to find out what happened with Blake after season 1.Also loved getting more insight on Mack.
OK episode. I thought Daisy was going to get in trouble for disobeying Coulson's orders. Turns out Lincoln is better at following orders now than she is, which is kind of weird.

I kind of wish there didn't have to be a Hydra angle to every single thing on this show, though.

Glad we got a little Mack time for a change. Gave him a chance to be a little more than an ultra cool accessory.

Why do you think Daisy is getting more undisciplined, and so willing to torture and kill others? Is she maybe getting a little overconfident with her powers? Interesting to see Lincoln try to become more disciplined, while still trying to maintain some of his humanity.

Wow. Hardly any comments tonight. Do I usually take up that much space when we talk?

So glad Fitz didn't implode.

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Wow. Hardly any comments tonight. Do I usually take up that much space when we talk?

Kinda, there's a lot of Nebula in here when I scroll through it the day after. ;)

Really enjoyed this sort-of-season-1-throwbackish smaller scale episode. A little Mackstory (sorry) was something I didn't realize had been missing to flesh him out a little more. There also seem to have been an unusually high amount of MCU/Avengers-references in this particular episode compared to others.

This whole Watchdogs thing also finally shows how everything will tie into Civil War since we learned that it had nothing really to do with Inhumans being the big issue there.


So glad Fitz didn't implode. -Nebula1400

Now this line makes me think there's been a missed opportunity to have Daisy tell him that he's gonna implode so that Fitz could say "Implode? I don't wanna implode!"

Someone needs to say that line. I hope they keep using that weapons so that can happen at some point this season. :)

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Wow. Hardly any comments tonight. Do I usually take up that much space when we talk?

The declining interest here seems to mirror that of the general public, judging by the ratings trends. It's at the point where Agent Carter's ratings don't look bad by comparison.

I think a lot of viewers headed for the exits when the very promising Maveth storyline from earlier this season paid off with... yet another Grant Ward incarnation, doing and saying various vaguely threatening things but so far being about the least compelling villain ever. And I have to say, I'm getting pretty bored with Hydra in general. Time for the show to move in new directions, I think. I liked this episode a lot more before the tag, which turned it into yet another Hydra plot.

Re: Fitz... wouldn't spraying liquid nitrogen all over his head damage far more than just the bomb?

Nice Agent Carter crossover reference with the nitramene.
Re: Fitz... wouldn't spraying liquid nitrogen all over his head damage far more than just the bomb? -AndrewCrossett

No, it's "harmless." Doctors use it to remove warts. I once had a weird blister type thing on my index finger that had to be sprayed with liquid nitrogen a few times. The only thing off about it in this episode was the CG effect for it which made it look more like deodorant. :)

edit: It does hurt though, if sprayed onto the skin directly. So Daisy would in reality have to aim it a bit more closely and precisely at the bomb-gel-thingy to avoid spraying it all over his neck for no reason.

[ edited by D-e-f- on 2016-03-30 16:04 ]
There may not be any direct plot-point dependencies between MAOS and Civil War, but it's apparent that the different sides of that internal conflict are starting to shake out here. I'm not liking the change for Daisy... she seems to have done a complete 180 from her Skye/hacker skeptic origin. And this is classic Whedon territory: taking a generally-likable character and making them do unlikable things, in a way that is completely justifiable and motivated and supported by the entire storyline. I hope she doesn't go full dark-Willow on her power trip, but if she continues on the current path, she and Coulson are bound to have a confrontation.
I actually really liked this episode, especially all of the references to other MCU properties. Last week seemed like a real drag in comparison.
Just caught up on it tonight. Have to say, while I'm still watching, I'm not very invested in it at all.
There were a lot of nice moments between the characters in this episode, and I liked that. I prefer it when plots serve the characters rather than the other way around. The best parts of Firefly were when the crew was sitting around the table talking. This episode reminded me of that.
@tomg: Yea, I like how Daisy seems to have gotten caught up in finally having found her "true" identity and maybe going a bit too far with the leaning into it bit. Kinda like as if she just got her driver's license and is driving recklessly with the excuse of having to get somewhere fast. (Weird analogy, sorry) ... This is bound to cause trouble (insert car crash analogy to tie back into my previous nonsense).
I do really think this was it for Daisy going to far with her powers. Realizing that her use of them made the Watchdogs go after Mack I think was enough to shake (ha) her into deciding she has to be more careful with them. But compared to what the Watchdog group was doing (and Hydra, who was playing both sides and fueling the discord- which is their calling card) her busting a few windows is seriously mild. Coulson once busted into a SHIELD facility and they took out the guards just so he could get to that TAHITI machine, so... she's still way down on the list of people crossing lines.
But Coulson is a man and an authority figure so... ;) @NYPinTA

It's good to see our internalized double standards sometimes. Thanks for pointing that out.
I love Coulson, but sometimes he doesn't act as smart as I think he should be or is supposed to be. (Which might be why I actually fell for him telling Lincoln to kill whatshisface. I wouldn't have in the first season. Not with Phil "everyone matters" Coulson in charge then. We got a glimpse of his smarts though, and I realized I missed him like that.) Would be great if it's Daisy (and her little walk in the wild side) that takes Coulson to task for some of the things he's done. He needs an epiphany, stat.
So how did Blake make his hologram move its mouth to match what he was saying? I assume he was able to see and hear Coulson and Lincoln (and the Watchdogs at the hideout) through cameras and microphones.

I thought it might just be a holographic projection of the real Blake, but the real Blake is in a wheelchair.

I guess it's just a comic-booky thing.
Props to the show for actually getting a liquid nitrogen gun, although D-e-f- is right, in medical use such a liquid nitrogen gun would usually used closer to the skin and/or with the surrounding skin shielded in such a manner to prevent frostbite injury from the overspray.

In the larger scheme of things, I hear what everyone's saying--nothing seems to be really happening at the moment. You hope and trust that they're setting up something big, but... yawn.

Finally caught up with the episodes. This one was pretty good. I liked all the focus on Mack and I liked the talk about civil liberties and mini Mack's hate for the govt made the episode feel relevant to the times we live in.

Best episode since the show returned from break.

For the record I love maveth Ward, he's so creepy.

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