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April 09 2004

Angel Season Finale poll at IMDB. "Sarah Michelle Gellar won't be on the season finale of Angel, at the decision of the creators even though she's available to film it. What's your take on this?" Free registration required.

Results so far.

Of 5630 votes:
I have absolutely no opinion. - 2264 (40.2%)
It's understandable, it's not her show. - 1921 (34.1%)
Bogus! They could find a way to fit in a Buffy appearance somehow. - 1445 (25.7%)

I expected "Bogus!" to have the most votes. Huh.
Same here. I'm suprised at the amount of people who have "absolutely no opinion", assuming they actually watch the show, or at least know what it is. Why would you vote otherwise?
The people I know who watch Buffy or Angel, outside the fans I see online, would have no opinion. They'd shrug. For them it's just another series they watch on TV. They probably wouldn't be able to name any of the actors outside the lead, let alone the writers. I would guess this is the case for 'most' viewers, though I don't have any figures to back that up.

Also, I don't really care whether she appears or not, with a slight preference for 'not'. I just hope the finale is groovy and the series goes out with a bang.
I would have liked to have seen her there, for the sake of symmetry and a little in the way of acknowledgement. I suspect, however, that too much off-screen drama has prevented this.

I think that they could do a series finale (with an implied question mark) quite well without her, I just wouldn't mind seeing Buffy again. Or Xander ... Giles ...
I'm with Caroline on this opinion leaning toward "not"...if it were to be a seamless part of the entire season's storyline (and I guess it could be), then okay, but a gratuitous insertion of a character, however beloved, is beneath what we've come to expect.
i would love to see her............but we cant always get what we want. all i can say is the finale better be good.
i dont think the poll is going any more, some other one. oh well.
Yeah, the poll was gone when I checked and has one for "What celebrity are you the most sick of hearing about".

I would've loved to have seen Buffy again but I totally get why they aren't having her. I wouldn't want to have the character just thrown in there somewhere without any substance and I definitely wouldn't want it to take away from the current, final storyline. To me having Buffy, if it made sense to the plot, would've been a nice nod to Angel's beginnings but it certainly isn't necessary to have her there.

I'm just going to try and enjoy these final episodes as much as possible.
All in all, I'm disappointed because I love the Buffy/Angel storyline and I want to see more of it. But I agree that it's not a necessary part of Angel's final episodes. I was glad to see Angel appear in the Buffy finale but he was such an integral part of that show in the first 3 seasons so I don't think it would have been right to end it without him, even if he was only there for a minute. Buffy was the catalyst for AtS but has always been more of an invisible character. And I do like simple allusions to the Buffyverse *almost* as much as guest cameos.
i liked having angel on the series finale of buffy as well, but they way they brought him in was definately lame.....i mean he just shows up and has this "magical" trinket for a "person with a soul but more than human" lol. that was really stupid, so im glad there not going to do anything like that with buffy, but i still feel they should have planned better for an ending, that way we could have had her there. i mean if its the end, then im sorry but buffy should be there. oh well.

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I just think this poll is asking the question in a really unfair way. They did want her for the second to last episode but she wasn't available then. And by the time they knew she WAS available for the final one, the second to last was already filmed and the follow up written, and to then just 'shove' her in the finale would have been silly story-wise.

Both parties were basically willing, it just didn't work out. To now simply say "they refused her" is tabloid style twisting of things.
"Both parties were basically willing, it just didn't work out. To now simply say "they refused her" is tabloid style twisting of things."

Good point Ed - It seems the majority of voters didn't feel like anyone was shunned or wronged although 25% is a somewhat large percentage. I think everything that could've been done or offered had been. I would not have wanted her just stuck in somewhere in a pointless manner. I was disappointed with Angel's return to Buffy with how little time he was actually there and would've liked something more with substance. Maybe they could've had him return a few episodes before the end so he could've at least said hi to the other characters on the show. Never saw him with Dawn and it was kind of fun seeing Faith interact with Dawn as if she had always been there.

That could've also opened up the possiblity of a Buffy cast member visiting LA this season - like Xander and Angel finally showing respect for each other. Oh, and more of a showdown between Spike and Angel would've been a great setup for Spike showing up on Angel.

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-04-09 18:16 ]
"like Xander and Angel finally showing respect for each other"

Now I kinda doubt we ever would have seen something THAT unlikely, hehe. Angel (or Spike for that matter) could save Xander's life twice a day and still only get crap;-)

"more of a showdown between Spike and Angel would've been a great setup for Spike showing up on Angel."

Well I guess I can see there wasn't time for all that. Sure would've liked to have seen it, though. Heh, I always thought it was odd that Spike just stood there behind a pillar while Buffy fought Caleb(check the ep, he's there at the end of the last ep and only leaves after Caleb is dead in the next) and that Angel could smell Spike 'on' Buffy but Angel couldn't smell Spike standing 5 feet away from him! lol.

But ah well...seeing Spike's Angel drawing on the punching bag made up for it a bit. That was funny.
yeah, i loved the punching bad picture, that was funny. but angels reason for being in sunnydale on the buffy finale was still lame...........
norman, I don't agree. Clues from the PTB are often cryptic, so the allusion wasn't lame. Also, how adorable was the ease with which B and A interacted? I totally bought it.

Angel came to Sunnydale for a very specific reason, and I think it was smart to have him deliver the amulet. Who else would you rather have? Cordelia? Wes?

Angel had to be the one. Funny how fans were clamoring for years to have a B/A reunion, and when it finally happened, there was nothing but whining about how bad it was. Sure, there were other tacks they could have taken, but all in all, I was pretty satisfied with the result. ("Cookie dough" notwithstanding...)

Oh and the punching bag pic WAS a hoot. Joss said that the staff kept asking him why Spike was mad at Butthead. Har Har!
this doesn't have anything to do with this posting, but I thought it was fun that there was some Angel/Dawn interaction in AtS when Angelus was back. He heard some vamps talking about a slayer being in LA, thought it was Buffy, and talked to Dawn for a quick second on the phone. It definitely would have been fun to see them together in person.

And I also thought the amulet thing was pretty left-field in Buffy's finale, and it's only begun to make sense this year in Angel. I hope we hear more about that in the next few episodes.
sorry but i think its still lame, i mean just all of a sudden heres angel with an amulet that needs to be worn by "a champion with a soul but more than human." it was totally out of nowhere, and if it worked so good then they could do something just a cheesy for the angel amulet was obviously just a way to bring angel into the last episodes and i think maybe they could have done something that made more sense.....but i do agree it did help set up spike to be on angel (and i like him there) but it was still lame..........

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[ edited by norman on 2004-04-09 20:30 ]
Irish - I was thinking of that scene with Angelus on the phone talking to Dawnie when I wrote that about seeing him interact with her would've been fun.

Willowy - Fans wanted a bit more than what we got that's why people were complaining. We waited years for Angel to appear and a few minutes just seemed to little and most fans felt a little let down. I totally enjoyed the reaction both characters gave to each other - just wished there could've been more of a visit from Angel. And again, would've loved to see him interact with other people. It was so much fun seeing Willow on Angel and the chemistry she brought to that group of people - just would've enjoyed seeing something like that with Angel and Buffy's cast. Just think of the comic things they could've done with Anya and Andrew's reaction and Spike's reaction to their reactions. Oh, and Wood would've freaked out even more because he couldn't accept one vampire with a soul - so how about the one who sired him?

EdDantes - yeah, that was funny that Angel could smell Spike on Buffy but couldn't sense him standing a few feet away. Maybe he thought he was smelling him on Buffy but didn't realize he was right there! And yes, Xander has always been quite unreasonable when it came to Angel and Spike - yet he seemed to overlook so much when it came to Anya.
norman, of course it was "out of nowhere" - the PTB don't usually interfere until a situation gets out of hand, right?

So all of a sudden there was this amulet. A weapon to HELP. I think it was perfectly in keeping with how they helped before, like sending Whistler to Angel to HELP him figure out his destiny, the amulet was sent to HELP Spike realize his.

It was pretty ugly though. Looked like some cast-off from a pirate booty.
I'm rather strongly in the "glad she'll not be appearing" camp. It'd be impossible to pull off a one-shot appearance at the end without completely disrupting the finale of the show- forcing it so that the episode was about Buffy and Angel (not to mention non-dead Spike) and that would be a tragedy in my eyes. Angel has progressed to become a much stronger series than the last few seasons of Buffy, I think, and I'm glad that, even in the end, it'll have the chance to stand on those credentials, rather than revert to the very beginning.
While I'm generally with kishi in that Buffy in the finale would have been just a disruption, what I would possibly have liked to have seen was her maybe turn up in the very last scene. She doesn't even have to have a line, just the awkward silence of the three of them, and having it cut. Maybe pick it up right there in an Angel mini-series or movie. But even that I'm not too sure about.
kaivaal, i like that idea as well.....and sorry willowy, but it was lame (lol)....but dont hate me, its just my opinion.
kaivaal! I LOVE that idea!

And how cool is it that I can picture that very scene in my head? Good show...

I don't hate you norman... you have every right to make your opinion known, just like all the rest of us! :)

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