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March 31 2016

Alyson Hannigan named the new host of 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us.' The 3rd season will be on this summer.

While I'm not that fussed about the show, this will make an impact in the redders household - my dad watches a sum total of two programmes - this and Masterchef.
I've never seen it, but it sounds like it will be a fun gig for her. Plus, it's a gig.
I like this show well enough. It seems an odd non-acting gig for Alyson, interested to see how it works.
I think she is partly thinking that it's a job which won
t interfere too much with Mom Patrol time.
After reading this bit of news, I went ahead and checked out the show. Seems fun, I like a good trick. A bit anti climactic at times but then again I'm not into game shows.

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