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April 01 2016

Loki delivers the weather report on a local Chicago channel. Tom Hiddleston as Loki delivers a weather report on a Chicago channel. Needless to say, everything bad is due to Chris Hemsworth.

Tom Hiddleston, desperately hoping that 30 years from now he is not standing n front of a convention hall full of mewling quims, sternly telling them to "Get a Life!"
Aw, Tom's such a good sport. I wish he had played it as Loki though - that'd been cool. But clearly wasn't a Marvel stunt more like an April Fools gag during his tour or something.

Can't wait to see him play Loki for real.
Loki, Caius, Adam, Hank. He is on such a wonderful roll recently, and chooses such amazing parts, I'll go to see him in just about anything.
I was hoping he was in costume!
Don't forget Doctor Robert Laing - that's another new role from Wheatley's High Rise which is definitely worth checking out.

I very much doubt he'll be on the convention merry go round in 30 yrs time. He can always do theatre & audio books. Shame we have to wait until 2017 for the next Loki appearance though.
This was so cute! 😀
He's amazingly busy right now - The Night Manager ended on the BBC on Easter Sunday and was astonishingly good. This guy is going to run out of space for trophies!

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