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April 03 2016

Firefly Easter Egg in The Expanse. You'd have to be quick off the mark to spot it.

The Expanse is great sci-fi. Really glad to see a show of this caliber on tv. :-)
That was lovely. One of the great shows from Syfy newest batch.
There's also that other ship in the next column, titled "Slayer" ... :D
Hah, I remember catching and appreciating that, when The Expanse Season 1 was airing a few months back. I pause and slo-mo that show a ton, though, due to having read some of the books and having worked background on it a bit. Ridiculously fun show to work on, with a great crew. Season 1 only covers about 60 - 70% of the first novel -- stick around, the best material from Book 1 is coming in Season 2 (and then I have no clue what the cut-off point will be for when they segue into Book 2's storyline...if that's even their plan with the TV adaptation).

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