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April 04 2016

New Doctor Who spinoff gets described as the "British Buffy". Some of us are trying to forget the previous British Buffys such as Hex and Demons.

Trying really hard to.
So which one is Buffy?
Well, one already has Buffy's "depressed overalls" look down.
Oo, will there be someone talking in a bad US accent for no obvious reason?
Oo, will there be someone talking in a bad US accent for no obvious reason?
I just assume it will be a group of comprehensive school kids fighting the supernatural, supported by an adult 'in the know', and there the similarities with Buffy will end.
Hex was awful. I tried to like it. Demons could have been good. I liked it better than Hex. So that's something. (I liked the library, tbh.)

I'm going to decide that what they mean by "the British Buffy" is a supernatural show with heart and not anything more. Coming from the Doctor Who universe maybe this one will. I'll give it a go, that's for sure. I'm assuming that no one in this show has been on Doctor Who though, right? It's not like it was created around any already established character.
Suuuuper psyched for this. Patrick Ness, the showrunner and writer, is one of my favorite authors. He's very talented.
I'll go into it with an open mind. If it falls somewhere between junk and Sherlock, it could be entertaining. If not, nobody's going to be forced to watch it!
I actually liked the first season of Hex. Then they kept killing good characters. I always liked the ghost girl, though.
Given how much I've fallen in love with Dr. Who, I look forward to seeing this. I'm not original with this observation, and I know that Russell T. Davies has said he was explicitly inspired by Buffy, but I do find the series to be very Buffyesque (except for the being short, blonde and female part. And the vampires. It's definitely short on vampires for a Buffyesque show).
Interesting. I like Patrick Ness -- enjoyed The Knife of Never Letting Go and its sequels. So I'm curious to see what he'll do with a story in the Whoniverse. That said, one of the defining features of Buffy, for me, is a girl hero who saves the world (a lot). So unless it includes that element, in addition to whatever other Buffy-esque qualities it may have, I probably won't be very interested. But I'll definitely give it a shot!

I have also avoided the previous attempts at a "British Buffy," based on comments I've read here. :-P Hopefully this one will be better!

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