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April 08 2016

(SPOILER) Victor Gischler's Slayalive Q/A for Angel & Faith #25. Victor Gischler talks Angel & Faith as season 10 concludes for this book.

He kind of danced around the two questions I was most interested in, which asked about 'who's idea was it?'. Sounds like Joss' involvement was super, super limited. And the series changed editors like three times, right? So I kinda doubt he was being super chummy with any of them because they were barely there. I really hope he's more active in the next season! I'd even love to see him write a miniseries or arc.
Joss was neck-deep in Marvel stuff at the time of the season 10 writers' summit and nobody really expected him to show up, but he did anyway. So he definitely still cares what goes on with the stories. At the summit they made an outline of the season with all the main story beats, and Joss signed off on that. He apparently was not reviewing and giving notes on every issue like he was in season 8 and at least some of season 9.

He was at the season 11 writers' summit too, and he'll be working with Dark Horse on the Twist comic, and he's done with the Marvel stuff, so here's hoping for more involvement from him in season 11. I'm hoping against hope for another Fray story.

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