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April 10 2016

James Marsters on Dudes & Dragons, the end of Angel, and having fun with John Barrowman. It's a really thorough interview. A good read to have with your Sunday coffee.

Great interview.

Maybe this is just me, but I don't think James has found a role that measures up to Spike, at least not yet. His characters in the procedurals have been stupefyingly dull, and no matter how hard Russell Davies pushed the Spike/Angel vibe with John Hart, I thought the character was criminally underwritten.

I loved James' take on his first days on the Buffy set, the Johnny Rotten/Sid Vicious argument with Joss, how Macbeth taught him to enjoy killing people (lol!)--even after all these years, "School Hard" still seems magical, lightning in a bottle, the right actor in the right role at the right time. I'm pretty sure James will find another great role that will set the world on its ear...again. He's just too talented not to be a star. If he just keeps having fun acting, the law of averages will work in his favor. Eventually.
cjl - I agree. It seems to me that the procedural characters that I have seen James guest star in have not been written to be very interesting, but I guess for James it's just some easy work. He was fine but I was disappointed that he wasn't given much to work with.

His Supernatural guest performance was the best one that I've seen, but IMO the writing on shows like Buffy, Angel, and Supernatural is much better than shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood. Although all of the shows have great casts (and I love David Tennant and John Barrowman!), and I enjoy them all, my favorites are the shows where Joss and his writers are involved, and Supernatural (which has Ben Edlund)...Supernatural also has fantastic production values :)
cjl, you're not the only one. Which is a shame, cause I think JM is an amazing actor with great range.

Then again, IMO, most main Whedonverse actors haven't also found something that measures up to theirs as well. e.g. Sarah, Nick, Aly, even David - I think Booth isn't as compelling a character as Angel.

I think the Firefly cast have had a better run at it - perhaps not measuring to the crew's awesomeness but they have had more luck with good roles.

I actually had to take a couple of breaks while reading the article. James is a journalist's dream subject. He's very outspoken and open to answering questions at length - Tom Hiddleston reminds me a lot of him in that way.
I agree, those Whedonverse roles are hard to beat. I love how upbeat and positive James sounds in this article though. Sounds like he is still having fun!
I also agree. IMO it's the same with Nathan Fillion. I've always found Castle enjoyable to watch, but watch an episode of Firefly or Buffy S7, or Dr. Horrible or Much Ado, and I feel it's only then that it's shown what the guy is capable of.
I really enjoyed the interview. James always comes through as intelligent, thoroughly engaged, and positive.
Random thoughts:

The one time (outside Whedon-land) I thought the role matched the talent was the "Collateral Damage" episode of Millennium. James played a military man--he was complex, damaged and the intensity level was off the charts. More of that, please.

I don't think I've ever watched a full episode of Castle or Bones. Sorry, guys.

Nathan Fillion was brilliant in Dr. Horrible. Only time I've ever used the words "preening jackass" as a high compliment.

Was Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother) as good a role as Willow? Not quite--but over nine years, Aly got to dig deep into Lily, and "Belly Full of Turkey" is still an all-time classic. Besides, I heart Lily/Marshall almost as much as Willow/Oz or Willow/Tara. (But never as much as early W/X. Never.)

Somewhere out there, there's a great sitcom waiting for Nick Brendon.
I wonder why they changed the name of the film from Dragon Warriors, 'Dudes and Dragons' sounds ridiculous.

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