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April 10 2016

Sofa Dogs Podcast commentary for Angel: Somnabulist with special guest Tim Minear. Three years after his last guest appearance, Tim Minear returns to the Sofadogs podcast for an audio commentary to one of his early ANGEL episodes.

They discus "growing story around character, the evolution of the anti-hero, the importance of coverage and the acting talent of Jeremy Renner."

Previous Sofa Dogs episodes in which Tim guested can be found here (ANGEL, episode "Reprise"), here (ANGEL, episode "Darla"), here (Dollhouse, episode "Omega") and here (Dollhouse, episode "True Believer") and here (Dollhouse Q&A recorded after the "True Believer" commentary).

Other ANGEL-related podcast appearances by Tim Minear:
Redemptioncast for a commentary on one of his most beloved episodes, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? which you can find here. Before that he was on Redemptioncast to talk about the ANGEL season 1 episode Hero and you can check that out here. Tim also did a Q&A with Redemptioncast covering anything from ANGEL to Dollhouse and Terriers, which can be found here.

Not much focus on the episode, but still an interesting listen.
Lots of anecdotes about Tim's career and how "The angriest man Joss had ever met" came to be working at Mutant Enemy.
Beware the Brads.
D-e-f-: Thank you for the comprehensive compendium of these podcasts. Nice to have it all in one place.
You're welcome. I like to have easy ways to track these all down as I find this stuff highly interesting, so I'm happy to do it. :)
Much appreciation to D-e-f- for sharing these and spreading the word. I've been making the show for 10 years now and am so grateful for the thousands of listeners I've accumulated over the years but it's signal boosts like this that keep the show alive. Thanks again! -John
Finally got around to listening to this.

I can't ever get enough of the stories from the ME writers room. Don't think I'd ever heard that Jeremy Renner casting anecdote before, too. Kinda crazy to think that we almost lost Minear in the early days. Can't imagine what Angel would've been without him.

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