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April 12 2016

Trailer for 'Doctor Strange'. Serenity's Chiwetel Ejiofor is in it.

With an American accent Benedict sounds a bit like Hugh Laurie's House.
Yay! A reason to have this on here!
I think this is one I want to see in IMAX.
I want to see Joss and Chiwetel work together again.
@eddy: Yea, I just watched Serenity again the other day and got a reminder how incredible Chiwetel's Operative is in it.
I want to see new Joss work on a screen somewhere. Big screen, small, online, I don't care, as long as Joss finds his footing in some cinematic universe again.
Excuse me for a moment while I geek out completely...

Better now.

When I was a kid, Doctor Strange was my favorite comic book character, bar none. For a nerdy, bookish kid living in Brooklyn, the idea that all you needed to become a superhero is to study really hard appealed to me greatly. I always wondered if one of those ancient spell books of Doc's actually existed somewhere, and if I could somehow get my hands on it.

I also loved the wild, psychedelic designs of Doc's spells and the otherness of those other-dimensional realms brought to life by great artists like Steve Ditko and Frank Brunner and the way the series could embody abstract concepts like Death and Eternity.

(And when I grew up, I was always amused by the fact that Stephen Strange started out as an arrogant jerk who saved people's lives, lost his medical career, studied the mystic arts under the Ancient One, and came out the other end arrogant jerk who saves people's lives.)

This looks great. Cumberbatch doing his best Hugh Laurie? Chiwetel as Baron Mordo? Astral travel and Tilda as The Ancient One?

I am so there. actually made me more excited for a movie that I was already very excited for. Kudos to you! I think perhaps you did find one of those books along the way.....
I never read the Doc Strange comics when I was young but the trailer has me hooked. That cast, whoa -- good cast. Plus, Marvel has a knack of making the "arrogant jerk who saves people's lives" antihero come to life on screen better than I'd have ever expected.
punkinpuss, I wouldn't exactly call Doc an "antihero"--he's the sorcerer supreme, Earth's protector against evil magic from anywhere in the multiverse (Nightmare! Dormammu!), and he takes his mission, his duty, very seriously. It's almost a sacred calling. It's just that he's more into the idea of protecting humanity and not so much into paying attention to individuals affected by dark magic. His attitude towards ordinary mortals--especially in the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko version--could be called... haughty? Imperious?

What humanized Doc was his obvious love and respect for the Ancient One, and I hope that comes through in the movie. Wouldn't mind seeing a certain silver-haired beauty as a love interest, either...
I can't see Doctor Strange without hearing Dr Orpheus from Venture bros in my head.
Can I just say: "Open your Mind" "Change your Reality" --the best movie tagline one-two punch ever, IMO. And kudos to them for the succinctness with which they sum what is so cool about Dr. Strange.
The last shot of the trailer: Doc silhouetted against the famed sigil in the window of his Greenwich Village mansion.

Almost teared up, people.
OMG...Loki vs. Dr. Strange, the motion picture?

Can you hear me banging my fist against the table in pure fanboy glee?

(Warning: geeky rambling ahead.)

Strange Tales #123--the original Loki/Doc clash--is one of my all-time favorite comic stories. Not only does it have Doc and Loki mixing it up (featuring Thor in a cameo!), but it showcases two of the most interesting aspects of Doc's personality: his tendency to misread people and his brilliance as a strategist.

When Loki comes to Doc's sanctum sanctorum bound in chains by "my evil brother Thor," Doc really doesn't check the story. He scans the chains for evil magic, not even considering the possibility that Loki put the chains on himself. But then, as I said before, Doc isn't really a people person.

So Doc helps Loki hoodoo Thor's hammer, then discovers (too late!) he's got the wrong bad guy... and now the fun starts. Think about it for a moment: a mystic battle between Dr. Strange and Loki should be no contest--Doc is a mortal, Loki is a god. Lee and Ditko do a great job showing how Doc is completely out of his league; Loki has rarely been more intimidating.

So how does Doc survive past page 5? Unable to match Loki in raw power, he borrows a trick from ordinary magicians and baffles Loki with illusions and misdirection--buying time until he can reverse the spell and alert Thor to the danger.

If they could do this in DS2--Hiddleston and Cumberbatch bantering, the strategizing, the visually explosive spellcasting--it would be freaking AWESOME!

(Bangs fist on table again)
cjl - your geekiness knows no bounds, love it! Not only do I want to see DS1 but I want to see DS2 now as well, thanks to you!

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