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April 15 2016

Doug Petrie and Drew Goddard will work on 'The Defenders'. Doug is one of the showrunners and Drew will be an executive producer for the Netflix Marvel show.

For some reason, I got really excited assuming it'd be a remake of this show.

This is cool too, though! I'm glad to hear Drew's relationship is still strong with Marvel following the Daredevil exit.
sumogrip, we must be the same age. That was exactly my first thought. That was a really good show for its time, too. It really went into serious issues, not just another courtroom drama.

Did you know it was based on a television play (back when they did plays on air), which starred William Shatner as the son. In the play the father and son have a difficult relationship.
Great to hear. The show's in good hands.
Guessing Drew's involvement will be very minimal. It's likely he had a clause in his contract, requiring an EP credit for Defenders before he left Daredevil.
I am looking forward to seeing Jessican Jones and Luke Cage working together again. They made a good pair.
There will be a full season of Luke Cage and another season of Jessica Jones before Defenders so hopefully we won't have to wait that long for a team up.
IrrationaliTV, have you heard something about when the next JJ season will come out? I know there has been confirmation of a season two, but I was under the impression that it wouldn't come until after the Defenders.

When asked about it, Krysten Ritter said that Defenders would probably come first because it has a deadline in the Marvel/Netflix contract. Also, Charlie Cox said that Denfenders would start filming at the end of this year. So by that timeline, it would be Luke Cage, Iron Fist, then Defenders.
Netflix isn't really all that forthcoming with shooting and airing schedules. The only set date that I know is Luke Cage on September 30th. My insight comes from how all these series were originally conceived to work. But that info was from about 5 yrs ago so schedules may have deviated.
To his credit, IrrationaliTV was the one who said that Daredevil season 2 was going to be released before the Defenders before it was officially confirmed and also predicted the renewals of Agents of Shield, so I tend to trust him on TV industry related things.
TBH I'm wondering if they can get Iron Fist shot before they do the Defenders. I don't see see how they can get IF out before Defenders if
the latter starts shooting in the latter part of this year as Charlie Cox stated in an interview. They really need to start filming IF pretty soon
or there is going to be a problem in getting Defenders out in 2017.
Luke Cage started filming in September. Isn't it done by now? If they're filming two series a year, then Iron Fist would start soon and Defenders would start next.
Man, I'm excited for this. I want so much snark from Jessica to Matt.

(I also want more Punisher.)
Iron Fist began filming last week (April 13th).

Defenders begins filming in August (unconfirmed).

Luke Cage premiers September 30th.

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