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April 15 2016

(SPOILER) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x17 'The Team' Sneak Peek #1. The Inhumans gear up even though Intel's a bit short. The second sneak peek can be found here.

Love seeing Daisy in charge of a team. I got a very "Buffy" vibe off that scene. Except with less angst and self-loathing.
Ditto on that IrrantioniTV.
When are they gonna have Mike Peterson/Deathlok/J. August Richards back on ? If they do, I hope it's not only in the finale, as a Deus Ex Machina solution to a seemingly inescapable problem. They've done that at least once or twice with him already. Make him part of the team already !

Re: clip #2

This show looks like so much fun when there's a powered team doing their thing ! I don't want this to become Legends Of Tomorrow, definitely not, but this looks like a welcome change, if only to shake things up a bit. If Secret Warriors become a thing in the MCU (but please don't mention that name of the team on TV again, because it sounds so cheesy), I wouldn't mind them alternating between the more spy agency/detective-work-centric episodes and the more action-and-powers-heavy missions (or often within the same episode). They'd have to give the Inhumans some powered individuals to fight, though, because they take out human Hydra agents too easily.

Malick has Linc right where he wants him ? Or Malick's about to ask for help ? Or we're about to get a reveal that Linc worships the Hydra monster ? (maybe the conflict over that vs. his better nature, or a major crisis of faith over probably never seeing Hive, was a part of why he started drinking too much).

Joey and I-forget-her-name are a great team.
Yes, very nice to see character development with the new Inhumans.
Today is primary day in New York, so there's no way I'm gonna get to see this episode. It will be partially if not completely pre-empted by political coverage. Guess I'd better plan on watching it On Demand.
Oh yeah that's right. Hell, as the Canadian I might be the only one with an uninterrupted episode.
West coast will be fine. Election will be called long before 9pm Pacific.
AndrewCrossett, right there with you. I live in NYC, so when the national broadcasters aren't busting in, the local people will be. The primary has been completely nonstop for days and days ... Dusk, we are all wishing we could bring snacks to your place!!

Am assuming I'll have to watch this on Wednesday, streaming. ARGH.

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