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April 18 2016

Video: Mark Ruffalo talks with Joss Whedon at Tribeca. The event is part of their Directors Series. Recaps of last night's event (which is getting a fair bit of press attention) can be found at Mashable, Variety, and Deadline.

The event just started a few minutes ago and people are tweeting about it, so I thought a thread here might be of interest to those following it.
I was in New York until noon today but had to come home and miss this! I appreciate all the Whedonesque retweeting.
Went to this and it was FANTASTIC. Joss really seemed like he was speaking from the heart, the mix of wit and thoughtfulness he harnesses is so unique. After some of the thoughts he shared re: post-Ultron film I was a bit worried and felt for him though, I hope he's doing okay and knows how much people support him.

Can anyone else who was there confirm that his next project is a movie? I know he said he wouldn't say anything about it, but I could've sworn someone said movie.

Also got him to sign my Sugarshock comic, even though I got into trouble for doing so (I had an "I am no throwing away my shot!" moment, sorry Tribeca!). He said something along the lines of "this is what I should've said!" (but I was too nervous to respond coherently) - I'm guessing in reference to when Mark asked him what his top three things he's done are.

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Other tidbits:
- Seemed to stress structure - how it's not only typing (he says he types slowly hah) but also graphing the story (mapping out the different emotional points)
- Said you have to know where you're going when you're writing, so knowing the third act is important (mentioned that Cabin in the Woods is an example of knowing the ending with the initial idea)
- In a little jab, he said a film can't function just with a cool premise even though we're seeing Hollywood do this anyway
- Mentioned how he always realizes later that things he writes resonates with himself (ex: "I'm always angry" and how he's Buffy, not Xander)
- Said he would want his tombstone to say "writer" when discussing him being a writer vs. director
- Told a story about how he was writing at a nice restaurant and he got so into the emotion of the script that he ended up having to blow his nose in his shirt (since the restaurant closed so he didn't have anything to use and he was too into the moment so he couldn't stop writing). [note: I am not doing justice to this story, it was classic Joss that I can't put into words!]

This is all off the top of my head so someone correct me if I'm off here ;) Was too engrossed to take notes!
Nice to read at least the snippets. Feels like I haven't heard from him in ages. Really glad he's working on something of his own that he's excited about.

I thought the stuff about postponing his musical until he can stop listening to Hamilton was funny. I could certainly see where it would make you rethink any musical you were trying to work on!
I saw very professional looking cameras to the side so I'm hoping they filmed it to release later so everyone can see it. It was a good Q&A and it's obvious that Mark and Joss adore each other (which is always fun). So maybe if he does another Shakespeare thing he'll put Mark in it? (Hint, gigantic hulking hint.)

He said he's writing again, that writing is "pure bliss" and that whatever he's working on will probably be much darker then what he's done before. (Exactly how, considering didn't he destroy the entire world in a certain movie?!?)

Oh, and Mark has gone out dancing with Joss. My brain can't process how awesome/adorable that must be.

ETA: I didn't get anything signed. Wasn't anywhere near him.

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I added a link to a recap at Mashable and Deadline. Shame he stopped writing the Broadway musical but I'm excited for his new project (movie?).
Yes. Please. If anyone finds a link of the taping of this - share it here :) would be much appreciated.
I want video!!
There's a more detailed entry from Tribeca's own website, if anyone is interested:

Still nothing about a video release of the event, hopefully in the next few days, they just released the full recording from the JJ Abrams Talk, which was from a few days ago.

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The Variety piece has great quotes, but did they have to headline with him being "beaten down" by Ultron? Yes, he did explain about his attitude towards Ultron and all, but it was hardly the main thing he talked about.
I agree with NYPinTA - this topic is trending at Facebook and nearly all the articles which picked up the Joss/Mark talk led with "I was so beaten down"... "I felt like a miserable failure". That's just clickbait journalism. Pretty much except for Comic Book Resources (thank you!) whose title appropriately reflected the content: "Joss Whedon is 'Very Proud of Ultron', Reflects on Press Tour Comments From Last Year".

I also gaped at the fact he hadn't been on a vacation for 25 years, until after Ultron. Driven and dedicated is that Joss.
That seems odd. I remember him saying he was on vacation in London, seeing lots of plays and reading The Killer Angels when he got the idea for Firefly. It wasn't that long ago!
I remember him saying he was on vacation in London, seeing lots of plays and reading The Killer Angels when he got the idea for Firefly.

Was this the same London trip where he wrote Once More With Feeling? I could see that not feeling like a vacation, even if it was a little less stressful.
He did write about what he defines as "vacation" in the OMWF CD booklet.
I think it was his first vacation where he didn't do anything at all. And he clarified too that he meant his first two week vacation, as if he's taken shorter ones.
Really annoyed that all media outlets seems to be focusing specifically on that quote.

And we can all remember what was a planned visit Italy for vacation, turned into MuchAdo.
Those are my favourite Joss vacations, Numfar PTB
Yeah, the Variety piece seems to confuse what Joss is talking about when framing his quotes. From what I can see he's talking about his being down on the process when the movie was released being a disservice to the studio and himself (because it helped frame the press coverage of troubles) - which somehow gets translated as disappointed in the actual movie.

But it's the Internet, it's going to focus on the pain.

Personally I really enjoyed Ultron. The turkey was a wee bit stuffed, but I kinda expected that.
While all the headlines are talking about Joss's experience working on 'Ultron', I'm staring with excitement at any mention of a new script. A finished script! *stretches hand vainly towards the Future*

I really hope we eventually get to see/hear that musical of his too.
Awesome, thanks. The main link is now the video.
Was just about to put that here. :)
Wait... does this mean he's actually Mal and not Wash?
What a wonderful interview. It's always exciting, humbling, and emotional to listen to Joss talk about his life and work, which I've been fortunate enough to do at NerdHQ and Comic-Con.

The one thing I always come away with though, and Joss, if you see this I'm talking in front of your back, not behind your back, is not only this sense of sadness I get, but in this talk, the fact that in some sense, you are Hulk, just as you realized you were Buffy: "I'm always angry". There is a part of me that feels very protective of you and I have written comments at Twitter and in article comments at their authors for trying to tear you down. I think you do a pretty good job of that though, on your own. If I were granted one wish, it would be to take all of that anger and sadness and weight, off of you. But then, would that destroy your artistic zeitgeist? I think it might.

You have, and it's not altogether a bad thing, something in a quote that is attributed to Martha Graham, the divine dissatisfaction:

There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time. This expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost. The world will not have it.

It is not your business to determine how good it is, not how it compares with other expression. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You have to keep open and aware directly to the urges that motivate you. Keep the channel open.

No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.

All that said, I still wish you could be happier. You know, when you lay the pen down from doing the thing that is pure happiness for you, say "I'm STILL happy!"

PS: Mark Ruffalo is the bomb. I love that man so much - he was the perfect person to interview you.
@Dandelion What an experience!!! And yes who better to blame then Lin-Manuel Miranda! Joss is blaming him too!

I'm stuck at "new script". All the click bait, pooh Ultron, can go away and leave me to wallow in the joy of "new script" while listening to Hamilton on repeat.

PS. And Joss, if you are reading this, can you get me into to see Hamilton? I'm as obsessed as you are!
When Joss mentioned at one point that his best friend was a writer and an actor named Rikki, I am guessing he was referring to Rikki Lindholm from Garfunkel and Oates, who was in an early episode of Buffy and had a small role in Much Ado about nothing.
I thought she was in "Him" from season 7. Not exactly early unless we're counting the comics seasons :)
You are correct. I thought Rikki was one of the cheerleaders in the Witch episode from Season 1, but I guess I confused it with Him because Rikki played a cheerleader.

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I love to read about writing, mainly screenwriting, and Joss gives some of the best advice about storytelling I've ever heard. Thanks you guys for posting the links. It's such an amazing talk. And it made me love Ruffalo even more. He was so respectful and supportive.
Particularly enjoyed the parts about rhythm, structure, Shakespeare and musicals. Must listen again.
Obviously I'm a huge fan of Joss's work, but I'm also a big fan of Ruffalo's--both in his acting and in his activism. And I, too, love to read about writing--I think I've downloaded virtually everything Joss has said about writing, and I'm always finding things about writing that I pass along to my students. So this interview was a big treat for me.
Don't know if you want to do a new post or just amend this one, but full video has been posted!
I'm so jealous of all you folk who have actually seen/heard Joss live. Wish we could get him to San Francisco. We have an organization called SF in SF - perhaps I should contact them to see if they can do something about it, since I'm not a conference goer.
I'm also envious, but glad those of you who went there got that opportunity! I wish I lived a little closer to NYC (though never again in the city). I didn't even know this was happening - and Joss will probably never come to Philly. (We will get many of the Avengers and Hayley Atwell soon, though!)

I'm so glad that the video was posted. It was really enjoyable.

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