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April 19 2016

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3x17 "The Team". The episode was written by DJ Doyle and directed by Elodie Keene.

Kind of early isn't it ? Well hopefully this one will as fun as last weeks. I had an odd thought though; what if Gideon
didn't put that notched stone in the bag ? That it was someone else. Wouldn't that make for an interesting how-de-do ?

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I'll be out of pocket around 9:00. It's now or never for starting the thread. Enjoy the show! I'll check in partway through the episode.
As important as the Primary is tonight, I really hope ABC doesn't break into the show for coverage of it.

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Oh, they will... especially if you live in New York, like I do.
I live in NJ. I get Philly stations, but they are likely to interrupt here, too. They probably will interrupt with news about Trump. Maybe about Clinton. They won't interrupt if Bernie is winning. Let's hope they don't interrupt.

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I feel so smug as a Canadian right now, sorry.
You'll have to delay your reactions to some scenes, to avoid spoilers two minutes ahead of time, Dusk.
I'm a few episodes behind, but even so I would probably not watch it live tonight, being in NY, and the local affiliate here being...uh...interupty. Is that a word? Well its a word now.
SHIT!!!! Already an interruption!
See! Donald Trump! %^#&%$#^%$!!!@!@!!
They're starting with an interruption!
Well, that didn't take long.
Phew! At least we get the whole thing... maybe.
George Stephanopoulos is the true big bad of this season of AoS.
What was there really to say?

Now to the show!
Is she practicing English for Mack? I'm choosing to believe so.
Has he not met them?
I like these two! (Don't kill them.)
That was a rather quick risky.

Bye bye Lucio, is Lincoln infected.
Ozzel, I am laughing so hard! George Stephanopoulos IS the Big Bad! Also D. Trump, if they show his speech, as they were threatening. Dude can go on almost indefinitely.

This is going to be an impossible viewing night - but hello everyone, anyway!

I'll probably just rewatch tomorrow. How does everyone feel about Dusk telling us what's going on in the meantime?
Awww! She was! I love her.
Ooh! Who's on the inside?
I think he might actually mean Malick. I think maybe part of what Hive does is see through other people...? (Total guess.)
Linc got hit with something.
@javelina: I really hope you are wrong about a DT speech. Stephanopoulos is definitely the Big Bad of the season.

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Someone got infected by Hive? Lincoln? Yo-yo? I like Yo-yo, darn it.
That didn't occur to them before?
Awwwww! It gets better! Mack is learning Spanish!! So freakin' cute. (Don't kill her.)
Nebula, I am seriously afraid of Trump / speech. More afraid than I am of Hive.

In other news, Mack and Yo-yo are ADORABLE.
Uh oh. Maybe... oh no. I think that's what Hive meant.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2016-04-20 02:19 ]
Crap. Lucio is only dead-ish. Malick "bonding" with Coulson over his dead daughter and Hive's mind control of Inhumans. Quietly lockdown the base... how many of the 4 were turned?

Bilingual flirting between Mack and Yo Yo.
Not Joey! C'mon. This is gonna kill me, this episode is...
Lucio is the inside man. He's got a Hive parasite in him. (So does Giyera.)
Maybe it's Daisy. She's the least suspect.
LOL. Poor Fitz.
Secret Warriors to Secret Prisoners.

Fitzsimmons bond in hazmat suits.

Ugh Malick!
So it's Yo-yo? Damn.
But... maybe that "cure" could heal her of the infestation or something? Because NOOOOOOOOOOO.
Oh, NOOOOO, Drumpf is on my TV. I may have to kick it in.
Maybe it's not any of them. Maybe Ward/Hive wants them to tear each other apart.
Drumpf isn't on mine! I'm so sorry, javelina!
Dusk, speak to us. Is it at least exciting to watch, if you want to keep from revealing actual plot points?
Everyone is verbally fighting with each other, suspecting each other.
Civil War comes to AOS...
OK, they're not thinking at all. And I'm thinking it is Daisy now.
Excellent episode

[ edited by garyyager on 2016-04-20 02:43 ]
Oh, FUCK!!!! Now it's interrupted here!!!
Daisy has really bad luck with boyfriends.
Oh thank god.
He was turned a few episodes ago, he wanted that orb thing for Hive.
This is local TV. Usually living in New York is great, but right now scream.

And there were 5 seconds of show and now omfg we had ABC national and 2 seconds of show and back to local. We are now watching the Sheraton ballroom.

This was predictable but it's even more maddening than I expected.

Now commercials. Who got Hived?
If Malick's dead...can they change the spaceship vision?
So, Dusk... What's your part of Canada like in the winter? (Sorry... Reality is fucking up the evening.)
Lincoln was Hived a few episodes ago.
Lincoln got Hived, javelina.
And then networks wonder why streaming services are winning...
Aw man all 4 quarantined and Joey and Elena want out of SHIELD.
A Fitzsimmons kiss!!!
NumfarPTB, you aren't kidding!

I've never liked Lincoln - this would've been more agonizing if it had been one of the more lovable characters.
Fitz. Simmons. They're awesome.
Uh oh.... maybe it wasn't Lincoln!
I knew it! She was the one we would least suspect!
No, no, not Daisy! I take back my wish for agonizingness.
Holy crap. Best episode of the show.
I'm in New York, and Drumpf and Hillary have chopped the episode to pieces. It's like watching that version of Basic Instinct that was edited for local television. Did I miss anything between 9:35 and 9:45?

Update: There appears to be coupledom, on a Mutant Enemy show. Do we have to take bets on when this will end badly?
The coupledom will split up over Civil War issues...
Well, Skyeward shippers this is kind of what you wanted.
Here where I am they only had two minute-long interruptions. Unfortunately the second one came at the most tense moment of the episode.

Are they going to kill off Daisy this season?
Same here, AndrewCrossett.

They aren't going to kill off Daisy, though she'll be a Bigger Bad than HiveWard.
They've been hinting at her Big Badness, with her absolute power thing happening.
Daisy might kill one of the other Inhumans. Plus we still have to deal with the spaceship death.
Daisy vs Lash with lash as the good guy?
Look the interruptions are part of the public service mandate. N Y State may have gone nuts but all I saw were breaks that came
right back to right where they left. ABC is out commercials but that's all most of us lost no show at all.

[ edited by JDL on 2016-04-20 03:11 ]
Amazing episode tonight.Loved all the fake outs on who was infected.The Daisy reveal was really well done.Sad to see Malick go.Powers Booth did a great job.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2016-04-20 03:56 ]
JDL, New York viewers saw maybe half the episode. Lower thirds would've been fine instead of stopping everything cold, but whatever. It was just terribly frustrating to try to watch. I knew better but I could't quit y'all. Will see the whole thing tomorrow.


(And yes, Buffyfanatic, I was impressed with Powers Booth's work tonight. What I saw of it.)
Another strong episode - great action sequences, nice vfx work and a "Who Goes There" plot that had me guessing ... no, I did not see the Daisy twist coming. I too will miss Powers Boothe. As someone who was against the FitzSimmons coupling, I have to admit the scene at the end won me over - go ahead you crazy kids (just know it will end badly)

I'm a little distressed we're back at the SkyeWard thing, seems a little pandering, but maybe I'm just cynical. I will say after multiple seasons we can all agree Director Coulson seems wildly incompetent at his job ... he really does seem to get surprised n'ambushed regularly all the while displaying less than impressive decision making skills

Hope the show continues the momentum through these last 4 episodes and then takes stock in the off season for where it wants to go. Episodes like these last few remind me that when hitting on all cylinders it can be awfully entertaining
So sorry that happened to New Yorkers. Next week will suck for me, as I rely on a Philly station, and the PA primary is then.
The Daisy twist is like Season 6 Willow. We had hints of something happening with Daisy at least since the show returned from the Agent Carter break.
I feel like I got bait and switched. I was sold Secret Warriors and got very little of that. What I did get was spoiled in the promo's. What I was actually delivered was a mole hunt. It was
reasonably well done but having been swindled it still feels unsatisfactory. Finally Daisy/Ward even if its Zombie Ward absolutely repulses me. It makes me want to skip it live next
week just so I can FF when I watch it later.
I'm in NY and there were only two interruptions during the airing here, one at the very beginning which didn't go over any of the actual show and one that was in the middle of a scene but they started the episode back right where it left off, so I didn't miss anything. I was only the national news that broke in. Did other areas have local news stay on the air over the show? That sucks. :/

Although the bodies of Daisy and Ward are together, I don't see this as "SkyWard" and I can't see people in that ship fandom seeing this that way either. Hive is not Ward. And 'under the Hive influence' Daisy is not the same as Daisy. There's nothing sexy or consensual in this team up, so... not the SkyWard I think any SkyWard fan would want. Now, a team up of Brett Dalton and Chloe Bennet is something else, because I think those two actors play off each other so well and it'll be fun to see them both get to be ultra evil characters for a while.

@TallMichaelJ, I agree about Coulson. He's being caught unawares or unprepared just a little too often. On that note, Daisy also should have prepared her own team more for the eventuality of any of them needing to be isolated for whatever reason. SHIELD is all about protocols and mind control isn't something unique to "Inhumans" and would be one of the things any and all field agents should be made aware is a possibility.
I do think the "mole hunt" trope is getting a little overused, on genre shows in general as well as on AoS. I'd like them to just have a 100% trustworthy team for a change.

And I do wish they didn't smash up the Secret Warriors so quickly. The efficiency with which they infiltrated that Hydra base was cool to watch... even though Hive was pretty much letting them do it so he could use Daisy as a mole.

I just hope they don't go full Angelus with Daisy and have the rest of the show be her quest for redemption. Because I'm really, really sick of redemption quests.

[ edited by AndrewCrossett on 2016-04-20 05:13 ]
I challenge any one of you to know exactly what to do when a tiny evil parasite invades a family member or co-worker, and you;re all smarter than Coulson!

Seriously, though, I try not to take the show so seriously. After the next four episodes, we'll see if most of the problems people have are resolved. I actually like the SkyveWard pairing, because it's not what SkyeWard people exactly had in mind.

I'm thinking that this is going to end with a scenario where HiveWard (or maybe even Daisy) kills May, causing Andrew to Lash out, killing HiveWard, and then facing off with DarkSkye.

Daisy will survive, and either become a dark version of herself (think Jessica Jones), or will refuse to use her powers for fear of losing control (a la Willow). OR, maybe Coulson will put her on ice. Or Jemma will administer the vaccine to Daisy, taking away her abilities (at least temporarily).

Hopefully the writers have come up with something far better than any of these.
Whoa. They went all out. I suspected it was Daisy and was pleasantly surprised when they went there. And boy did they go there big!

It's funny that with her scene at the computers in real time, I expected Ward!Hive to pop up. And in the flashback, it kinda Déjà vu my expectations.

Fitzsimmons OTP.

Yoyo and Macks love will beat all! Until one of them dies in space... *pessimist rears its persistant head*

PS. Coulson's revenge mantra bores me. I never saw them that serious. If it were the Cellist on the other hand...

ETA!! Did Hive call her Sky?! Ugggh Ward is in there. *feels queasy* please let's not relive Ward/Sky & Ward Vs. Coulson. Please!

[ edited by Mirage on 2016-04-20 15:33 ]
It's not that I want Coulson to just know how to deal with things, such as parasites that control people. But, we know he knows how Ward thinks. Hearing what he did from Malick, Coulson could have concluded (or taken the leap) that Hive would most likely access and be influenced by Ward's memories when dealing with SHIELD and that meant his obsession with Skye also factoring in and figuring that HiveWard would target Daisy first. Add to that how well Coulson knows Daisy and he should have been able to pick up on subtle clues she wasn't completely herself and been playing her all along till she revealed herself. I really expected her to walk right into something he set up at the end because he, of all people, figured out it was her all along and let her believe he fell for her setting up Lincoln. She might have still been able to escape but at least he'd be shown to be smarter then he is when it's necessary for him to be dumb. (Hope that last bit makes sense.)
I'm also really over the whole Vengeful Coulson thing, Mirage. He and Roslyn had great chemistry, but they were barely a couple--for him to compare it to Malick losing his daughter is kind of silly, IMO. Also, Roslyn was such a badass, competent character, and I would have liked her to stick around, at least as a recurring character. It really annoys me that the show basically fridged her to give Coulson motivation to kill Ward, when they could've found ANY NUMBER of other ways to have Hive end up in Ward's body. Like, they took an awesome character with tons of potential, turned her into just a love interest, and killed her ... to make Coulson hate Ward. Who he already hated.

Anyway. Tangent. But that particular plot development is annoying me more and more every time it's referenced.

On the plus side, I love love love Mack and Elena flirting. I really hope we get to see more of them together. And this despite the fact that I was still kind of rooting for Mack to be gay/bi, after his wonderful friendship with Fitz back in season two. Which, speaking of writing choices that confuse me -- where did that friendship go?? They had great friend chemistry, and I really miss the two of them having meaningful interactions. It feels like it's been forever since they had an actual conversation.

I have mixed feelings about the Daisy reveal ... it was a good twist, especially after the Lincoln red herring (which was very convincing). But it might have actually been more suspenseful if they'd turned Joey or Elena -- I'd be really worried about them dying, in a way that I'm not worried about Daisy (I love her as a character, but I don't think the show would actually kill her off).

Also ... I don't know, Jessica Jones did the creepy stalker dude mind-controlling the girl he's obsessed with so well. I'm a little worried that this arc will feel underwhelming in comparison, and it'll be impossible for me not to compare the two. If Daisy was going to go dark, I kind of wish they'd saved it for next season and made it her own decision, instead of mind control--she's so confident and has so much joy in her powers, and I hate the idea of that being stripped away. Especially by someone who looks like Ward, her creepy manipulative murdery ex. :-/

On the other hand, Chloe Bennet was FANTASTIC in that last scene with Lincoln, and in her earthquake/escape scenes afterward.

So, yeah, mixed feelings. Hopefully the writers surprise me and the story goes somewhere cool and unexpected?
It looks like the rekindling of Fitz/Simmons has put Fitz/Mack to the side.

I think that Fitz and Simmons will invent a serum that destroys the Hive parasite inside controlled people's brains. But someone will have to get close enough to Daisy to dose her with it, and that person will be successful but will die in the attempt on that orbiting quinjet.

So she'll "wake up" to immediately realize that she just killed the friend (Lincoln? Yo-Yo? Joey? Coulson?) who saved her. And hopefully, Hive/Ward will be floating in space by that time... good luck finding a new body to inhabit out there.
I like that scenario, AndrewCrossett. That would be cool.
The cast just answered questions on Facebook.
Assuming that they manage to kill of Hive in this season, presumably with Lash figuring into it somehow, the big question is what excuse will they have to keep Brett Dalton/Ward in the show for next season?
Just watched the Facebook thing. I have to say, it is weird to see Brett Dalton all relaxed and friendly after watching him as uberevil Ward/Hive.
Congrats, Dive shippers. ;)
what excuse will they have to keep Brett Dalton/Ward in the show for next season?

I don't think they will. It would just be getting silly at that point. I don't want Ward to become this show's Sylar... a great villain who got ruined by hanging around way too long.
erenids, I don't think Fitz ever completely forgave Mack for the deception inherent in his infiltration of Coulson's SHIELD.
Oh, good point, QingTing. I still wish we could have more Mack/Fitz interactions, even if there's some lack of trust or whatever--I wish they'd talk about it.

I also REALLY wish they could work through their stuff and get back to that best friends place where they were briefly. :-/

[edited because spelling]

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I liked this ep a lot -- it was very exciting and I LOVED our heroes speaking all that Spanish. I want Elena & Joey on every episode.
I thought maybe the series would transition to being mainly a Secret Warriors show by next season. But given what's going on with Daisy, that seems to be getting less likely.
I'm assuming that FitzSimmons will find some way to inoculate Daisy as well as protect the other inhumans from the swarm effects, in time for her to at least help dispatch HiveWard and thus have a bit of redemptive closure. Of course, her vision of the future in space could still prove to have been a first-person observation.
The timing and the nuances of this episode (as well as the series as a whole, lately) didn't resonate at all with me. One of the main reasons why BtVS was so good, was its ability to squeeze the best out of its very moments - similar to how Joss Whedon is capable to get high-quality performances out of his actors when many others fail to do so (James Marsters' stint on "Smallville" comes to mind - what a waste). I don't get the same feeling about "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and it's less about what they are doing (in terms of big story developments) and more about the how. Whether it's Malick in the interrogation room, his ultimate death/murder, May announcing she's still up for work, FitzSimmons - more or less - getting together (I felt NOTHING and with so many people gone and things on the back-burner, their relationship is the one I probably care about most these days), Skye's 'farewell' or that Inhuman-siege - none of these moments felt, like they were the best they could be. This is rather frustrating, for with a better showrunner, who's truly capable of using all the potential this product undoubtly has, this show could be so much more worthwhile than it actually is these days. Maybe not using twelve different directors as well as twelve different writers on the first seventeen episodes would be a promising start. No wonder this show has no clear voice/look/feel to it and is rather hit-or-miss. Twelve writers care about twelve different things (especially if they don't get advised on minor and micro threads). Tancharoen and Whedon are capable of good scripts (so is Jeff Bell, of course), but them writing 2-3 decent episodes per season just isn't enough with so much mediocrity filling the blanks.
Even if Daisy gets cured (and I expect she will), I think the damage is done as far as the Secret Warriors are concerned.

It's like this show only has the freedom to tease big things like this from the comics, but never to really follow through on them.
Hello... I don't know if anybody will still be reading this but I am seeking assistance. We're an episode or two behind in the UK, so this episode is the one that's aired most recently. I want to go and see Civil War before we get the next episode, but I also don't want to ruin anything by watching out of order. I know Failed Experiments will be the most recent episode by the time Civil War comes out in the US, but is it necessary for me to watch that before Civil War? I sincerely hope not, but would really appreciate some completely spoiler-free (for the UK) advice!
I'm in EU myself and I cannot see how they'd a) spoil one thing for the other and b) even tie the two together at all, what with what's going on in the SHIELD show right now and what is going on in the movie (I have not seen Civil War yet - going on Friday - and only saw the first trailer for it but I don't see the events tying together at all). Even Ultron just had a slight reference last year.

I wouldn't worry. It's more likely, i think, that SHIELD will reference whatever happens in Civil War afterwards.
Sian and D-e-f, Fellow Brit here: I looked on IMDB and it said that Civil War is after episode 19 and during/after episode 20, and we just saw 17 so we should be OK for a bit.

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