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April 19 2016

(SPOILER) Trailer for Agents of SHIELD 3x18 'The Singularity'. Tense stuff.

I am only realising this now but the trailer narrator is back. In the last 10 or so years there was a trend to have TV and movie trailers without narration. And now ... like in the last year or so... that has changed. They are bringing the narration back and its becoming more and more talkative. I wonder why.
This is something of a call back to the end of Season 1, when Ward thought he could be together with Daisy because they were both monsters. In a way now, they are. Well played, writes of SHIELD.
Fallen Agent = Fallen Angel. Nice.
@Bad Karma

In a World . . . . .
When I watched the ep and saw this commercial after, I had a little internal nerd-out moment about how "full circle" this is all feeling. I hope we get a more proper end to the remnants of Ward and his body -- it felt a bit anti-climactic when Coulson crushed him. I think a little of that is because it felt long overdue, that the team-hating-Ward arc had lost momentum, even with the death of Rosalind (Brett Dalton is fun, but Ward should have been dealt with by mid-Season 2 or the end of it, not hung around for Season 3).

They can correct this a bit, through the weirdness of Hive utilizing Ward's memories and now that he has Daisy.

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So...I've missed the last two or three weeks due to work. I'm not working tomorrow night - can I watch this episode & not be confused, or should I try to catch up online (suffering through lag and out-of-sync dialogue)? The last episode I saw was...uh...I think the one with Yo-Yo.
@ShadowQuest: you cannot go into this without having seen the ones you missed. Wowza. No way.

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