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April 09 2004

TV Quebec Picks Up Wonderfalls (Webpage in French) Buffista PenDuffy found this, see here, where you can read a program translation.

They will air all 13 episodes, dubbed in French.

Stupid french (the language).
Merci, Télé-Québec! C'est une miracle, n'est-ce pas?

I am sure Caroline will do her own voice dubbing.

Now how on earth can I get Cox Communications to pick up a Canadian channel?? Waaah.
They have it slated for the fall, which only serves to remind me that it's early days yet. Fox's stupidity is going to benefit more networks yet.
I don't care if it's in French, I'll learn the damn language. I want tapes, damnit.
My daughter lives in Quebec she can tape it for me and I will watch it with a french speaking friend who can translate it for me. Live is good
Linda, you're so lucky!

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