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April 21 2016

Enver Gjokaj plays a Comic-Con security guard. He's in the play "Future Thinking" at South Coast Repertory in Southern California, through Sunday. "Castle" fans should note Arye Gross (Perlmutter) is also in the cast. This is a link to the production's available-to-the-public press page, with photos.

Might also want to note that it is Eliza Clark's play. Zack Whedon's better half.
Sure wish I could see it! I loved Enver in Dollhouse!

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IrrationalTV, indeed, I should have noted that first thing, as that is the Whedonesqueist part. My bad.
How is it that Enver isn't in like everything? He is so talented he needs his own TV show.
I saw it! Enver was great, but the play itself is a bit underdeveloped. I think there's a really interesting idea there, but the play needs some fairly major restructuring (for one thing, the stories of the two characters we begin with--Enver's and Arye Gross's--both end up as threads left hanging.

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