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April 21 2016

Fran Kranz joins 'The Dark Tower'. He'll play Pimli, the right-hand man of the Man in Black.

Yay! More Fran Kranz is great! Especially if he plays someone insane. He's really good at that.
It was great casting news to wake upto. I'll have to re-read the books, it's been a while.
I'm odd man out in that I'm a huge Stephen King fan, but have never made it through the Dark Tower series. For one reason or another the mash up of styles / periods / characters didn't work for me. May need to make another run at them in advance of seeing Kranz in this
Love this series, and I think Fran would be a great Eddie. Not sure if they're molding this Pimli into that character since Pimli was a very minor character from the last book. Some curious changes they're making in this adaptation, but I'm still super psyched to see what they do with it.
I'm really happy to see Fran cast in a big Hollywood movie, but I do not see this movie working as a Dark Tower adaptation. I am a huge fan of the series and don't see how they can do what is needed for this. Especially since they aren't talking the big multi-movie/tv show event that Ron Howard tried to bring to the screen years ago. So, for those of you who mentioned rereading the books because of this news, don't expect any similarities.

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This makes me so happy.
Colour me curious. I read and enjoyed the series (not so much the overweening latter entries) and Roland's mad primordial via dolorosa but have grave doubts about any big screen incarnation. I wonder how much of the Sergio Leone stuff will survive, how much of the darker material, the sexual violence, the drug abuse, the racial tensions. The Dark Tower worked--when it worked--because it was untamed, like King just unleashed his own imagination and we ended up with this crazy fantasia of Mid-World. The more he tried to guide and codify the world the less interesting it became, the more ponderous and self-reflexive. The Dark Tower in its purest form probably doesn't fit into any blockbuster algorithm the studios have devised so we might end up with something fatally compromised. Really could be great though; imagining seeing Roland meeting all his Ka-tet for the first time feels pretty exciting. Oh, and Fran is good, too.

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I've never read the series, but I'd love to see Fran Kranz on the big screen again.

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