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April 22 2016

Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo at The Tribeca Film Festival. It's a Vulture write up of the video that was posted a few days ago.

Oh good, I haven't had time to watch the video yet.
Huh. That's weird. Of the top three things that he wrote that he likes best, one of them is the Firefly episode "Out of Gas." But that is listed as written by Tim Minear. Did he mean "Objects in Space"? Because that's the existential Boba Fett episode he wrote.

Also, that's a great interview.
He definitely says Out of Gas in the video.
They would've broken the story in the writers' room as a team, though -- he may be taking "favorite thing you've written" more broadly than just on the script level.
On his favorite things, he says the "script for issue 5 of the buffy comic book". What does he mean by that? Why does he specifically say "the script"? Is it just that he didn't draw it?
Vulture didn't include everything in the transcript:

"... Out of Gas, worked on the story with Tim, which he wrote, and David Solomon directed".
WOW. Just watched the interview. Fantastic! And fun & interesting!

But I had to find the link on line - for some reason a bunch of the responses that I saw here, including the one with the link to the interview, I'm not seeing anymore. Very weird. I thought there were like, 30 responses.
Are you looking for this thread, Jocelyn?
Thanks, sumogrip - I was confused. I guess I was reading too fast.

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