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April 24 2016

Can Buffy's pun and poof formula possibly be improved? Comic illustrator Lucy Knisley and The AV Club give a small comedic take of 'Buffy' being faux rebooted to present day.

I wonder what kind of ratings Buffy would get if a network really did just go ahead and show the reruns in prime time.
Actually this show was perfect in every way and requires no updates

Well, duh.

Apart from Bad Eggs, perhaps?
AndrewCrossett, that would be really interesting.
AndrewCrossett, that would be really interesting.
I'd throw in Beer Bad and The Killer in Me too.
Beer Bad is awesome, you take that back!

Killer in Me I can't remember which one that is so ... *shrug*
Willow turns into Warren and somehow realizes being with Kennedy is her new "fairytale."
What a great name for a Buffy only comic book store,
"The Pun and Poof".

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