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April 25 2016

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion rumored to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Looks like our Captain will be making another appearance in the MCU. Based on the description, though, it may be blink-and-you'll-miss-it.

That sounds rather nifty.
If he's playing that character playing Tony Stark in the MCU, then that kind of makes the old Castle credits team up with Robert Downey Jr REALLY ironic now.

"I'm Iron Man. And you're not."

....Well he sorta is, now. ;)
In an alternate universe where the MCU kicked off 10 years earlier Nathan Fillion woulda/shoulda have grabbed a marquee role - could easily see him as Star-Lord, or frankly, think he'd deliver a fine Captain America
There was a time, back around Firefly/Serenity when I thought he'd make a perfect Captain America. And I even told him as much the one time I met him. But I'll never forget his answer. As he reckoned that the role was like being the US President. i.e You're not going to be in the running if you're not actually American. (And of course as a Canadian that ruled him out..)

But fair's fair. Chris Evans has been much better in the role than I ever could have imagined him to be. So it all worked out best for everybody in the end..
He is the perfect age for a marvel hero. They are either in 40s up or youngsters. Who knows. Maybe wonderman will be a thing and not just a passing gag.
Iron Man is 51, so the 40's are gone for him. Hulk is getting up there, too, at 48.
I am completely unaware of who Wonder Man is, but Nathan Fillion fits the bill of what they described.
Wonder Man is a powerhouse on the Thor-Hulk level. Super strength and everything that comes with it. His mind was used as the human template for the Vision (not J.A.R.V.I.S as was used in the films). In fact, Wonder Man and the Vision consider themselves to be brothers. WM harbored a secret love for the Scarlet Witch during the period of time when she and Vision were married. He let his feelings be known (which she reciprocated) after she and Vision divorced.

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Thanks, Dean! That helped.

Meanwhile, when I read TallMichaelJ's comment, I had a momentary evil thought: All Nathan would have to do to be a great Cap would be to tone down Dr. Hammer. But that's mean.
Using Wonder Man as a metacommentary on the MCU would be hilarious. And we all know Nathan would absolutely KILL. (Let's see a clip of Simon Williams in "Stark"!)
I've actually said it before: - I used to think Nathan Fillion would be a perfect Wonder Man if he was 10 years younger. It could still work with his present age. I more suspect that we'll never get to see the superhero Wonder Man, it'll only be Simon Williams the actor. A part of me thinks that would be a shame, as I like Wonder Man, but I can totally see Nathan in the role as a well-meaning, somewhat goofy and possibly quite arrogant seeming actor.
(And you never know, maybe we'll still get a West Coast Avengers TV show with him all powered-up...)
I feel like Wonder Man is the right power-level to be *referenced* in the movies but then *used* on TV.

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